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Can You Afford Your Dream Business Now

suveys make strategies possibleHello all ViralHost Marketers and friends, who are loyal readers of Cogs & Logs News.

There is a lot of learning we can all do when it comes to marketing our sites as owners, affiliates or business builders. Keeping an open mind is a must if your plans involve a long-term future.

Be aware though that not all you might chance to learn is current, or true.  What it can do rather than help you advance, is leave you simply frustrated.

Can You Afford Your Dream Now?

In an economy that seems to be spiraling downwards, it is only natural to wantto be self sufficient. Going solo though can be a big step if you are not as prepared as you need be.

Cash flow is the biggest bug-a-boo to get around. Way to many businesses are not currently set up with a working budget. Thus they live day-to-day wondering if this is the day when the doors will slam shut.

Being Cash Skills Prepared

What you learned, or did not learn, in your affiliate phase, will determine a lot of your future life as a business owner. When someone else holds the reins, you tend to move quickly in decision making. If you don’t like or if you do not understand something, you tend to move on.

Moving on without problem solving skills can be disaster for your business plans. Things like letter writing. How about advertising strategies? Or by providing a blog or newsletter where you can continually invite new people to sign up? Having a good auto-responder series to engage and keep your new list active?

So many times the argument will be A or B auto-responder, which is best?  When they cannot even spell auto-responder let alone realize, the message better be best; much better than the argument of A over B or vice versa.

Knowing how to monetize all of the above and more. How else can you introduce new products or services to current or past clients? The mistake is all too common in under-utilizing customer mailing lists. Do you even have one?

Staying Current With Consumer Trends

What subscriptions do you invite into your mail box to keep you on top of what is happening in the real world? It appears easy enough to nickle and dime you into ostrich land. But what is your reality to your business goals?

Trend watching just might be the future of customer service. WIIFM for the consumer is not a guessing game. You need to hear the voice of the consumer if you intend to add them to your buying lists.

Keep in mind, unless you have really been snookered, it is not about you. It never was. It is all about the potential client your whole business premise needs to build on.

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