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Getting Started 10khits4unow Monday Maintenance

Selling me with productsIf you read your mail, or check the cogs calendar each day, then you know it is Monday Maintenance for 10khits4unow.

I changed it from all three to one, as to do justice to what needs to be done, handling one Traffic Exchange at a time can be time consuming.

Seen One Seen Them All

Surfing tends to get boring quickly if you see the same pages over and over
again. They do not engage your attention so they are history. But day after
day those same pages put you to sleep.

Take the time, and go back into your account. See if there are new pages
there you have not promoted so far. Maybe that page you did not like is
the key to others joining you?

Next are banners and the same thing goes for them. Change the look.
Banners are making a comeback. It won’t last, never does but while they
do, take advantage. Brags are publishing 500% increases by adding
matching banners to your URL pages.

Text Ads are the final touch to your changes. Maybe you do not even have
one for each site you promote? What a loss in conversion advertising!

That’s the look, the immediate eye-grabbing maintenance which should
cut back on possible bad links.

Bad Links

It’s so frustrating to the surfer to have bad pages come up. After a while
the dumbing down takes effect and you let them pass. Not a good idea.
If you report bad links, you do a couple of positive things. It allows
admin to remove those pages, thus keeping the site clean. The second
thing it does is allows you to go in and correct it. Clean sites
encourage new members.

Simple things like typos, spaces where there are none and failure to
recognize an underscore can cause pages to fail to load. Bad gateways
and other server errors in the 500 series can do that too. Most time
they are just temporary but you never know – report those pages.

The respect you show for the pages promoted means admin can do a
pretty good job of fast clean follow ups.

Rotators – love them or hate them

They are the negative boon of every Traffic Exchange owner. Mostly
because the user never goes back to check on the links entered. Do
they still work?

Is there an empty space in the middle of the entries – causes looping
of only those sites above the empty space?

Don’t forget the upgrades to servers and to scripts. These actions
can and will often change the once active link to a cannot be found.
Stay on top of your business. Read your mails for these upcoming
changes and be prepared to update your promotional materials.

Once you have 10khits4unow in working order, it will be easier to
keep it that way. Now you have time for the next Traffic Exchange
needing maintenance.

Till next time …

Fran Klasinski-warriorladyYour editor …

Fran Klasinski-warriorlady
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