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Negativity – Don’t Let It In

This is just my ramblings about negative people and the drain they cause on

You have got to recognize this type person & NOT LET THEM INFLUENCE HOW YOU THINK

Anyone with a positive outlook can recognize the negative person right away.
“My glass is just half-full” as compared to “My glass is still half-full”

The negative people aren’t very happy about anything in life and enjoy trying
to drag people down into their way of thinking so they will have some company.

Misery loves company!

We have one such person in our daily coffee group I attend.

“Well the rain came too late to help any crops or do any good for anything
except to make the weeds grow”.

This person’s favorite is talking about a restaurant that opened here a few
years ago. “I won’t go eat there because the last time we were there, it took
over an hour to get our food and i don’t ever wait that long for food”.

Come to find out, he went there right at lunch time when they were busy
and it was only the 2nd day they had been open! So the restaurant wasn’t
prepared to handle that many people.

But he hasn’t been back there since and is always trash talking the place
saying they are super slow despite that being probably 3 years ago!

And I personally know they aren’t that slow now.

Never happy… Never satisfied.

Never their fault something happened.

Always says this or that didn’t work for them but when you get to the bottom
of the situation such as promoting a TE, you find out they put 1 URL in 1 TE
added 50 credits to it and forgot about it for a few months – then has the
nerve to say that TE ain’t worth messing with because they got no new referrals!

In one way, you gotta feel sorry for this type person BUT they are the only
ones that can change their unhappiness and attitude.

Always complaining about almost any website owner saying their site ain’t no
good when they might have never even joined the site much less tried to be
an active member!

This type person will never have a kind thing to say about anything.
They always want everything on your website without paying for it.

Constantly complaining the website and the owner never do anything for them.
“Why should I have to upgrade, all this should be free”
“I used to be able to get this for free”

I don’t have time for this crap when all they are actually doing is playing
games at Pogo!

Always think they should be given preferential treatment no matter where
they go:
“This is a bunch of crap – you don’t help me with anything”
This type person always seems mad at the world and everyone in it.

I’m sure you have run into the same type people in your life’s journey.
Just the smart people do their best to stay away from them and all the
negativity eluding from them.

Learn to recognize the signs and get away as soon as possible!

George Culp
Your Service Needs Provider