Summer Time And The Living should Be Easy

100_3kidsIf you have a love affair with summer, then you are busy right now making sure as much of your daily marketing tasks as possible are being automated.

Automation on Steroids

If you have a ViralHost hosted account, then you already
have an auto-responder. IF not, then you can rent our basic
auto-responder – allows NINE lists you can create – check it
out with your sponsor.

For the price of that Auto-responder, and a little more, you
can have your own Basic hosting package.  It’s a great way to
have a home for your cool pages, special give-aways and simple
web pages for promoting those eye catching products you signed
up for.

This way, the auto-responder comes with the package. NO
cost. We’ll help you set it up and fill in the mails you will
need. Automation, cannot beat it for a time saver. A
two-for-one deal with a great savings on individual price.

Checklists and Subscriber News

EVERY week, from each Cogs & Logs News, the ViralHost
Social Community sessions and the summer Extravaganza
contest plus other happenings, means you should easily have
a simple email ready to send to your subscribers.

Keep them in the loop and ready to follow your lead. Link
back to the Cogs & Logs News, your blog or website and
other places to keep them informed.

Do your people know the weekly contest results are posted
EVERY Saturday morning in the Traffic Exchange newsletters?
Do they know that the stats from that week are turned over
so there is always a new week of stats for them to watch to
see how they are doing?

Creating Traffic & Leads for Conversions

Referring other people is a great way to get more traffic to
your Website.  You receive a percentage of the  traffic on any
upgrades  or purchases made by them as well as on their daily
surfing totals.

Upgraded Members Perks

Being upgraded means you earn higher traffic amounts as
well as percentage commissions.  Not everyone can afford
the outlay to upgrade. Again that is why referrals can come
to your rescue.

Why not win an upgrade?

Right now while the Summer Extravaganza contest is on,
you could win a ONE year TOP upgrade in each Traffic
Exchange EVERY week. Log in and check out the CONTEST
icons for the rules.  Then scroll down and see how you
are making out.

Websites build your own or we will build it for you.
ALL hosted members for have a sitebuilder
that can be used to design hundreds of easy five page sites.

When you need to get started, there is no better place to do
so than checking out

TOS – Terms of Service – Agreement

Have you read the changes? You should. Many of the pages
currently in our Traffic Exchanges will need to be removed.

No one loves your product like you do so why not present it
so everyone can get to know what you do? A splash page
linked to your site page works wonders increasing traffic,
creating sales and conversions.

No one has time to read a nine page history of images or
text or any combination. Half the time these pages do not
even load.  Do yourself a favor and see where you can better
the performance of your products and services.

Another Super Survey Session

The month of June has been all about learning and
installing survey programs. A list of ONE million names has
little conversion to sales value if you do not understand the
needs of your potential customers.

What better way than running surveys to find those answers
and be able to provide the solutions that create ka-ching

Congratulations to Dale Thomson who informed the class he
made top salesman in his company this month. Dale is a
regular to our sessions and Dale is one of those people who
take action on what they learn.

Tuesday is one of the best days to send downline mails to
your subscribers. The open, read rates show increases on
this day. What message will you send to your subscribers this

Have a super Monday.

Your Editor …
Fran Klasinski-warrior lady recommends
Fran Klasinski-warriorlady
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2 thoughts on “Summer Time And The Living should Be Easy

  1. Fran KlasinskiFran Klasinski Post author

    Good point! The difference between go and wanna do is 98% bargain basement results.
    That should be easy enough a series of stats to move the wanna bes but will it?

  2. AvatarGeorge Culp

    Are you scared to succeed?

    The excuse of not having time is just that – an excuse!

    ViralHost provides the method and training to help
    you succeed.

    Jump out of your comfort zone and succeed today!

    All it takes is a bit of courage and giving up 3 small
    Starbucks coffee a month to get your business
    started with automation, too.


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