A diller a dollar a 10 oclock scholar …

quill penIt’s a nursery rhyme – a moral lesson warning of the
importance of punctuality.

The Sunday conference cash skills session brought that to fore.

Especially the part about being  a lazy student who isn’t too excited about having to do the work required of him or her.

The Sunday conference produced a class of workers who saw the power in how to use TE blogs to build their lists, position them on the web and turn their actions into adding social programs to their promotions.  The results should be on track for targeted prospects ready to convert.

Company Blogs

The THREE TEs have all been updated. Check them out from inside rather than outside menu because then you can add your comments.

Moving forward is all about promoting what you belong to. If you do not believe in it enough to create copy that will position you in favor of the products or service, then you are setting yourself up to fail.

Not everyone is a copy wizard. No problem. Take advantage of the company LCP and splash pages and any copy content in the blogs, here in Cogs & Logs News or that you share with one another in conferences. Don’t forget the newsletter that is
published every Saturday or your Mail from admin or your sponsor. Just remember when quoting, to give proper attribution. [Means say where you got it. Example: Quote:Cogs &Logs – free download]

The bottom line is you MUST know and understand your product or service if you expect others to follow your lead.

Right along with that knowledge is your ability to make friends and influence people.

Dale Carnegie give-a-way

Dale Carnegie was responsible for the first books on teaching people how to become good sales people by first learning the ropes of how to win friends and influence people.

This book should be on your book shelf in hard copy.

Meantime you can  go to my link on my website and download a free copy of this book in PDF format.

It is NOT my PDF. You may not offer it for sale, but you are free to pass it on as a resource to your people. Another simple way to build a friendly  business relationship.

Checking up on your Checklist

What have you done today? Have each of your tasks been completed? You sure? Nothing left out? Clear, concise, and easy to do?

Read the blogs and download a free copy of a weeks worth of daily actions forming your first checklist. Say ‘thank you’ on the blog.

Newsletters: found in back of each TE at top of TOOLS page.
VOTE for each TE. Build the power for your benefit of attracting new blood, eager, enthusiastic blood you can train to follow you.

That newsletter gets published when there is a need for you to know important news. Such as did you win 10khits4unow, weekly contest upgrade draw?

Or the warning of a special admin or support or sponsor mail you need to read. How many of you in my downlines, collected the 500 credits all active members were sent?

Today is the first day of creating successful habits. Otherwise the nursery rhyme might be about you.

Quote: “A diller, a dollar,
A ten o’clock scholar,
What makes you come so soon?
You used to come at ten o’clock,
And now you come at noon.”

Don’t be late for lunch too.

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4 thoughts on “A diller a dollar a 10 oclock scholar …

  1. AvatarVicki Osgood-Whatley

    I enjoyed the Sunday conference this week covering the power in how to use TE blogs to build our own lists, and better position ourselves online. Viral Host proves time and time again how much they really do care and are truly watching our backs. Also enjoyed the free pdf download of Dale Carnegie’s book. I always find new, interesting, and quite useful information, each time I read Cogs and Logs News! Very happy to be a part of such great support and training each week! Thank you!

  2. AvatarBob Culbertson

    Thank you for the Dale Carnegie give-a-way. How important is a checklist? Everything we do requires some form of checklist, if not setup properly and followed we may go about our daily chores half dressed.

  3. AvatarGeorge Culp

    Judging from the comments – looks like I sure missed a great Sunday conference last night.

    That was very nice of you to offer a free download of Dale Carnegie’s great book.
    I have read it several times yet seem to learns something new each time I read it again.

    I can personally testify that without checklists, my work online was be a dismal failure.
    It’s just too easy to overlook something that should be done whether it is a daily
    checklist or something technical I am doing such as updating a script.

    Please download the weekly checklist and start getting your life on track for success.

    1. Fran KlasinskiFran Klasinski Post author

      Yes you missed a dilly lol – bit of a silly pun on diller …
      Creating a personal library of some of the best names in the
      history of the net, is powerful magic for our little minds.

      Nothing beats the feelings these people can create in making
      us feel worth while in our efforts. Attitude, belief and a
      positive outlook win the day every time.

      Enjoy reading their comments and thank you for posting.


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