Actions Speak Louder Than Words

Selling me with productsThere is this person in my downline I seen on a chat. We talked and in passing, I told them they were missed. Next thing you know, they were back to steady surfing.

Will it last or will they taper off again? Time will tell. All I know is a little bit of tlc went a long way.

Surfing is not everybody’s cup of tea. Along with that is fact there are so many Traffic Exchanges one can belong to that it is easy to leave one or two behind.

Life happens. We get side tracked! What is to stop a BSO also being the next best Traffic Exchange you have just got to join?

Are you out there surfing your head off with no focus, getting nowhere fast and wondering what happened to all those promised conversions?

Are you being bribed at every click to join this Traffic Exchange and that Traffic Exchange, each trying to out do the other with fast fix offers?

Take a deep breath and go read your mail. Why should you do that right now? Because there is a mention of self-efficacy studies that could prove quite interesting to your situation.

‘Self-efficacy is defined as the beliefs we have about ourselves that cause us to make choices, put forth effort, and persist in the face of difficulty.’

Imagine – you sign in and click just one site. Why?

Are you there to vote? Good for you! Voting is important! It brings on new subscribers because you care enough to tell the voters our traffic exchanges count with you! That is called leveraging the power of your vote.

Was it a fear of the verification page? Heck, that was moved back to every 50 sites eons ago! If you surfed 100 pages per day, it would take you three days of missing it to face a temporary ban. A post to support gets that fixed. Next reason?

Was it to read the mail? It is wise to stay on top of business. To know what is happening with each Traffic Exchange. A lot is in the works with changing to better, faster, easier, smoother scripts to make your surfing fun again. That means you need to increase surfing in order to be ready.

What is really great, is to see long time members return to the active surfing stage. Promote as well please? Again the strength to other prospects lies in your belief and your advertising says it loud and clear.

So do actions speak louder than words? If you have tried any of the above mentioned actions, then you know first hand, they sure do!

Send an email to your subscribers. Tell them what you have found that they are missing by not being active. Heck send them to read this post if you find it hard to write a mail. Always glad to lend a helping hand.

See you on line. To your success.

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4 thoughts on “Actions Speak Louder Than Words

  1. AvatarDavid Brundage

    it is all most impossible to contact an owner of a major traffic exchange today. They want your money and for you to sing up for another one they own. Fran talks to everyone and surfs with us now that’s dedication!. Thank Fran for being one of us


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