Are You An Advertiser Or A Publisher?

Geared to Marketing ResultsBeing tagged a business builder or an affiliate, tends to bulldoze you into a corner where you may not fit.

A publisher, on the other hand, actively promotes the work and actions that create traffic and sales.

In the real world of Internet Marketing, you would be a long tail affiliate.

So there you go. Wannabe business builder, general affiliate creating income off products and services owned by others, or the not so new term ‘publisher’ off the works of others or actions that create traffic and sales tag you into the corner of being recognized as a long tail affiliate.

While your sales may not match those of top producers, you are a marvel at traffic production.

Now may be the time to re-examine both short term and long term goals as this long tail affiliate.

Long Tail Affiliates

The program, product/services owner is an Advertiser.   You as their associate, are a publisher. You are noted for two specific actions:

  • You know how to produce traffic
  • You know how to make sales

That makes you very attractive to all Advertisers (companies).

Such being the case, that qualifies you from the crowd of general affiliates, provides you with a perceived upper value, and a need to rethink all previous goals.

Short Term Actions For Long Term Results

Traffic, and lots of it, is a great goal needed by every internet business and general affiliate in order to make conversions and sales.

However, traffic that does not convert, arguably creates frustration and a great sense of let down.

When you are bringing in sales, that is cause for celebration. In order to increase those sales, short term goals may need a rehash of actions.

For Instance:

i) Upgrading your membership.
Long-term effect: – increase of commission base.  Insider tips and tricks via training, on different promotion channels.

ii) Subscriber/customer expectations:
What if two per month to cover costs, should be two per week?

Working on eight new people per month to convert and upgrade, is no harder, nor does it  take more time than working with two.  However, it does provide 4x more commission earnings.

iii) Lead Acquisition is Step One
Your short term approach may be the next step goal to rethink.
a) follow up actions
i) get them on a list
How? A subscription box on every page of your website, blog,  newsletter or ezine to subscribe to the same, for starters.

People are forgetful. Be their weekly reminder. Position yourself as a proactive sponsor.  Capture the daily news from Cogs & Logs News, back office newsletters, forums, downline mail sends you receive. Any company media information you know you should be sharing with your subscribers.

If you want them to become customers, follow your lead and upgrade, then you need to engage them in what you are doing. Set workable expectations that give them a taste of success.

Long Term Goals

By getting a working strategy in place, the results you get from your testing, will put you in control for future successes.

That will be when you can update the 3-6 month long  expectations, you will have positive results from these actions, which should lead to automatic commission base increases and target your traffic in a productive manner creating consistent conversions.

I am sure these steps will guide you to appropriate changes that suit your direction, in the 1-5yr long term goals.

Finally, step outside yourself when you meet obstacles. Seek help and advice from our willing staff. We are here to help. Try either a support ticket or conference for immediate support on reinstating your enthusiasm for publishing for long term profit.

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2 thoughts on “Are You An Advertiser Or A Publisher?

  1. Avatarsharon ticknor

    As I read the term,”Long Tail Affiliates”, I began to giggle.
    Add a pitchfork and a smile with a promise and someone could
    see red!
    Do first impressions deceive?
    Could you be that special affiliate who knows how to take a challenge by
    the tail, shake all the goodness out then place the cookies on the lower
    shelf for all to share?
    Or did that first impression blind your mind with misconceived notions and make you run away with
    your tail between your legs?

    When you have something worthwhile to share then you have the ability to turn
    frowns upside down don’t you?
    It’s all in your actions isn’t it?

    1. Fran KlasinskiFran Klasinski Post author

      Too funny Sharon. :o)) Can see where someone would find that tag amusing. Just don’t overlook fact it also sets you a step above a new affiliate for your skills and value to advertisers. Make hay on that thought while you can.


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