Are You On An Experimental Journey?

The journey that spells success is targeted to winWhen I first came on line, I was so excited about the newness of it all. I was eager to make my mark so I found a couple of mentors and began my experimental journey.

Why do I call it an experimental journey?  Because,
you have dreams and ideas, but you really have no
foundation to build those dreams on. Thus you will
experiment with all kinds of programs and opportunities looking for your fit. Where do you belong in this
worldly Internet picture and how will you know for
sure what you choose is going to satisfy your cravings?

You will need a lot of guidance. How are you
going to find the right people to help you?
Trust becomes a major concern with all the
horror stories on the net of scams and shams
and crooked money-hungry owners ready to lead
you astray.

If your excitement is deep enough and your
travels take you  to places where you meet
people consistently, I think mentors tend
to find you. You can’t meet success on your
own so there is a risk yet there is a need to
jump in and get your feet wet.

Confusion and overwhelm form a three-way
partnership with you as you dive in and try
to follow your new mentors. They appear so
experienced and there you are, dumb as dirt
and certain they will see it and dump you.

That was yesterday’s excitement, this is
today. You are sharper than you were back
then. More centered on where you are

As long as you do not cut too many corners
in your learning adventures, you will get
where you plan on going with a positive
outlook, organized, and surprised at just
how much talent you really do have.

No doubt there are a lot of mentors you
are thankful for. Leaders who took their
time to help you focus, to understand and
choose the paths less traveled. Paths that
mean you have arrived thus you are on the
right journey.

Whether you are new, experienced or still
in the wonder mode, I leave you with this
African proverb “Speak softly and carry a
big stick; you will go far.”  In our world
today, your tone will take you a lot farther
then boisterous finger pointing and bragging.

Your editor …

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4 thoughts on “Are You On An Experimental Journey?

  1. AvatarGeorge Culp

    Agree with your comment bout the funneling.

    Both student and mentor have to have an open mind to learn far more they they would on their own.

    The funneling process has to weed out those not interested and enlighten those who remain.

  2. Avatarsharon ticknor

    LOL— This made my giggle a whole lot. Been there done that and return for reminders. Could part of funneling have to do with the ability to transform? Mentor and student. Each bring something for the other to experience.
    Hey Fran, maybe that’s why you got me!


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