Around The Net In Disgust!

Where desire meets action viralhost.comEvery once in a while I get tired of the same old same old stories I see and read how serious people believe BS and hype is a truth, and they post their hearts hoping to attract conversions and income.

The Zeek Awards fiasco does not seem to have taught many of the users any lesson of value. These people appear to be   risk takers. They believe in these opps because it hurts too much not to.

Imagine getting taken for a ride in 99% of the programs that attract your attention. That is not a fall down  eight times get up nine, that is downright bad judgement.

Return on Investment

When the hype engages your mind, when the investment is $50 or less, when six months later the value of your $50 investment triples, is that a good return?

Are you asking the right questions? Are you happy with the results?

Affiliation vs. Business Ownership

I am hearing a lot of people answer this question: ‘Are you a business owner?’ The answer normally is NO if they understand the question and the position.

But conversation will often find them saying my business is … and it is affiliation to an existing business; it is not their business.

Mail Bag – Heads Up Payza Gone

Payza has been removed as a payment processor from our programs until such time as the issues with Ultralight Financial Services has been resolved. READ YOUR MAIL  for details.

Websites vs.Blogs

Understanding the value of each. Knowing how one or both can be the income foundation of your future is a learning process. Knowing how fast the net changes and what that means to realizing  your dream.

Every day a new page. Every day a new learning situation. Every day one or both tend to grow in content. Every day, every entry, you position yourself as a professional marketer or you set the stage for people to see you are too loose in what you do. Too disorganized to keep on top of your business.

Like the lurker on one end, afraid to jump in and learn, you are the hop scotch leader of the year. Everything you touch begins but does not follow through. Your pages end up in the ERROR or NOT FOUND files and still you have ads running to take people to these dead end pages.

Worse, is they cannot get back to the home page because you do not know, or have installed the code that opens each link in a new window or tab.   You are professional at building a list or business for someone else. By your actions, you are sinking with the boat.

Upline Downline Sponsor Me Success

There are some uplines I am sure you wish you had never signed up under because you never hear from them. Or if you do it is sell sell sell things you have no interest in.

If you are in a downline who never connects with your working sponsor then you are the same personality. By not answering contact requests, you remain outside the team efforts that could be the key to your success.

It’s All About Relationships

How can you teach your starving downline what they need to do to be successful if you are absent at every training session, every conference and claim to be successful?

One thing I have learned over the years about marketing online. Talk is cheap. It takes money to buy whiskey. The cheap brands come from the free end. If you are going to take a risk, take it with people who want to hear from you. Want to work with you and want to include you in a team of hard working winners.

Bottom line, there ain’t no free ride. Start with our Traffic Exchanges. Take another look. If you are not making $3k minimum a year with them, then get to a conference and find out why.

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One thought on “Around The Net In Disgust!

  1. AvatarGeorge Culp

    Amen on no free ride!

    Unfortunately we see so many people trying to do that across the Net.

    Then they wonder why they don’t succeed?

    They are expecting everything for free but somehow make money from it.

    So glad you included the statement about no free ride.


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