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Working on net is a way of life for you and me. Being able to save what we do to our hard drive is step one. BUT getting it out there on the net is the only way we can profit from our work.

The big bear that shakes the foundation is “Bandwidth Exceeded” That means your work is no longer public. Your site is down.

What a notice to see written across the many places you
advertise. Your promotions sunk and your credits are being used
to tell the net you are not on top of your business.

  •     Fast Cash Attractions
  •     Adsense Potential
  •     Top 15 product offers
  •     100 Traffic Exchanges
  •      25 viral mailers
  •     50 safelists
  •     more …

ALL of the above and MORE stop you from developing the kind
of website that can mean profit vs. frustration.

Just Doing Time

This is what happens when there is no daily schedule of tasks or
order to promotional actions needed to keep any form of control.

‘Oh my gosh, I forgot to renew my domain name.’ Down Time – as
much as five days for that faux pax. Once in your career you will
do this. Forget.

Doing 175 chores means organization and good record keeping
better be your best friend or the dreaded BANDWIDTH
message will flood your eyeballs.

  • EVERY page you make that comes off your domain.
  • EVERY product review you do to encourage customers.
  • EVERY Lead Capture Page, they all eat up bandwidth.

So do those images you feel you just gotta have to make the page look
cool. NOT just the page or images per se, but every time you promote
them out there on the net, every time someone clicks your links, you
eat up the bandwidth. The return action you so desperately need adds
to the use of your bandwidth. Oh, did we forget over-stuffed email accounts?

Inactive – YOU or your subscribers

What comes first? Fear of failure or frustration from never
making a penny off your efforts?

Plan Your Work and Work Your Plan

It was not said for the  sake of good English nor to use to tell
others what they should do. This cool statement applies to
everyone and you in particular.

You are the captain of your ship and you decide the main hands
and duties they need to perform to take you where you want to
go. If you cannot deliver the cargo, you cannot get paid.

Choosing the right hosting company goes a long way to helping
you prevent these issues. Most are not there to hold your hand
nor warn you of limits exceeded though if they are worth their
salt, they will at least do that.

However, knowing how to prevent these issues. Knowing when
you are over the top on what you can handle. Knowing the power
of the pen can make you or break you in the right forms of
advertising. Knowing how to organize your time, prioritize daily
actions, and keep a good handle on both your mail and your
cPanel are not provided normally, costing extra.

You can be tagged as anything from straight lazy to too stupid to
be on the net. NONE of the above may apply to you from the
overkill in trying to create income to the misuse of your websites
to the tags, but they will apply to someone you know. AND you
may be on the verge of becoming one of them.

Check To See

Do you have a cPanel that gives you control of your hosting?
When was the last time you checked AWSTATS?
What about the error logs?
Does your hosting company provide WordPress hosting?
What software comes with your hosting that saves you dollars?
What training is available to go WITH what you pay for?
What is the support level? There? Prompt? Friendly?

ALL of the above will help you avoid disaster. ALL of the above is
your right to safe, secure hosting. If you do not have it then we
need to talk.

Have a prosperous Monday
Join the Social Community
Attend the Thursday and Sunday conferences
Be a winner – participate.

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2 thoughts on “Bandwidth Exceeded Website Down

  1. AvatarGeorge Culp

    Amazing all the extras you get with ViralHost hosting!

    Don’t be left hanging out there to flounder by yourself.
    Go with ViralHost! ONE ‘S’ Get it right for you!

    1. Fran KlasinskiFran Klasinski Post author

      Sort of like one stop shopping. However, all the extra software, training, advice, the friendly and timely support and they will also help you build your website from scratch. All for the price of the hosting account! Where else can you find such a deal without paying for every tool that makes your website your spokesman for what you have to offer?

      I like that HOST NOT hosts – sure are some funny copy cats out there. Be in tune, be sharp.


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