Bite The Bullet Is FeederMatrix a Scam?

Where desire meets action viralhost.comSo let’s get to it. Is FeederMatrix a pyramid scheme or a scam?
Doesn’t sound too inviting one way or the other.

An amazing read on the three steps to jail.


The darling of online pyramid scam artists is the 2×2 – 3×5
matrix (or bigger).  The identifying feature of what makes
it a pyramid is that you have to “Fill” up the pyramid to
get paid.

Filling up the pyramid is head hunting and makes it illegal
in almost all states and to the Feds.  Here is how it works
except dollar amounts will vary:

Read more here …

How to distinguish a pyramid scheme:

But I wanna Make Some Money!

It gets tiresome receiving invites to join what some poor
smuck believes is so real. Blind faith – rather than know
the truth and investigate it. They grab on with hope their
only pleasure so please don’t burst the balloon?

Get real folks -Ever hear of these people?

You can contact your local office of fair trading,
ASIC or the ACCC for assistance.

So now you know why my alter-ego Ms Tuff AZ Nales says
‘no thanks’ to those great offers. (She loves Maxine
and Aunt Ida – what more can I say?)

The Week That Was

How about those surf contests? Did you win? If you
don’t play then all you get are normal surf credits.
The rules are simple.

You surf the Traffic Exchanges involved – all of them.
Then you qualify for the prizes offered.

The idea of our surf contests is MORE traffic for your
pages. New members and old, competing along side one
another for a chance at the brass ring.

NO coupons, NO distracting prizes that take away the
meaning of a level playing field for both publishers
and advertisers.  In fact, there is seldom any cash
prizes. Again for obvious reasons..

My surfing brought up a page where the owner bragged
always a 3-second timer while you surf. Now even
responsive pages can take three seconds to load so
where is the chance of your pages bringing you any
benefit? The question is, will they even be seen?

Our Traffic Exchanges pay EVERY surfer $.03 per hundred
pages surfed. That is ca$h for all not just a top winner.

How about value in the prizes offered?  What would it
cost you to send out a solo mail? What would it cost
you to have the start page (sponsor) for two days or
a week?  Can you set a price on the value of what these
prizes can  bring you long after a contest is over?

This coming week there will be  more contests for you
to support and the benefits belong to those who recognize
the value to their overall business not just the contest
itself. Do your best and support your fellow surfers.

Keep an eye on the scheduler and your mail for dates.

Last Week News

Friday Surf Contest Results

TexasSizeTraffic and 10khitsrunow

ONE Week Start Page – Fran Klasinski
Solo ad: – Chris Klasinski
3rd place: Bob Culbertson
4th place: Tennesseefix
5thPlace: George & Diane Culp

Congratulations to all the winners.

Ready for a great week?  Along with the contests, the
members have been involved in CEO and SEO sessions.
Catch up is the name of the game since most people
are THREE years behind where they need to be.

Good luck!

Editor Fran KlasinskiYour Editor

Fran Klasinski-warriorlady
Mentoring you with common sense
Marketing with Finesse

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