Busy Week Focused Actions Mean Profits

When desire meets action You cannot have what you want by talking about it.

It really is a strange assumption. Why waste your time creating frustration when a few minutes logic each day can turn the tide?

Some people do their best thinking just before bedtime. Some I hear, even while in bed. They keep a pad and pencil next to the bed to jot down the surprise solutions or ideas that pop into their heads.

Up at 3am – Where’s the Toothpicks!
Strange being that I am, a worry or solution I need often comes to me in the wee hours. There is way too much information to note down so I hurry for my notepad and computer. Occasionally I remember to record it via my cell phone. Handy gadget that for instant thoughts.

Big Tip:
Write and write till all is on paper. Do NOT edit, Do NOT correct typos. Any such action can change your thought process and wipe out memory

WHMCs – You Got Mail!
As each client and affiliate of ViralHost is entered in the new data management program – one step records to payment ~ you will receive an email with your sign up email and password to access your account. Be sure to test that you can get in.

If there ever was a reason to keep your profile updated, this is it folks. If you changed the password or the original email you signed up with,your mail will bounce. Get this information out to your downline so they can update their information too.

It just may be the reason you don’t get your important mail is that profile.

Timelines, Yahoo, Facebook, Blogs and more …
I should be adding the TE newsletter, the Social Community and the truncated mail you get announcing a new solo mail. That is a lot of ways ViralHost Admin reach out to touch you.

The fact this ‘solo mail’ actually sits in a blog is also for your benefit. I know you are busy. I know some people live in their mail so they never miss their notices – unless of course, they do an accidental delete.

Isn’t it cool to know there is at least ONE place you can go to that will have that information for you? If you are one who ‘takes care of business’ every week or so, it is there to show you what you should have known to increase or even create your weekly profit.

May Contests – With a Twist!
Imagine ~ your contest page projects one FULL month of contests. The basic ones anyways. There will be more between, like the Mother’s Day contest this weekend? Should it be just Moms chosen as winners? Let us know right away!

Mother’s Day Surf!
A little bird told me this weekend is Mom’s time. The contest page will show a line reminding you. Friday solo mail will detail and Saturday the contest page will change to cover the Mom’s Day Surf!

Call to Action
Your records reflect your commitment to your own success. You do have good records yes? At a quick glance, you know the access to Traffic Exchanges, safelists, viral programs and the myriad of MLM programs? They are all in order?

Do you need to be reminded of what you should do? Are you also relying on banner pages and long lists of Traffic Exchanges and safelists stuffing Traffic exchanges to make you rich?

Ahahahhaha. Sorry. Could not help it. How many times must the message go out that those pages belong on your website? Fast browsers quick low page timers – THREE seconds folks to grab their eye and the page is poof, gone!

Splash pages leading to your work of art pages which need more time to load and be viewed. That is what you need to be working on. Place the big pages on your web sites where they can be looked at in leisure. NOT when someone is busy surfing for credits. Traffic Exchanges are the notice boards, the continuous reminders you have great products and services to show them. Make the URL go to your web site where they can learn all about your fabulous offer.

One Step At A time but get it done!
That’s it for another powerful information issue. Now you have your fodder for your downline sends; the ads you need to be writing, the splash pages you need to create, the fab web pages that need to be moved to your domain.

I’m off to work on enticing the 12-second people. Oh, sorry, they are the viewers who will hit your web site. I need to make sure the content there is both enticing and provides solutions they are looking for. My goal is to keep them there long enough to sign up for whatever brought them to my site.

Till next time …

Your Editor …
Fran Klasinski-warrior lady recommends Viralhost.com
Fran Klasinski-warriorlady
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One thought on “Busy Week Focused Actions Mean Profits

  1. AvatarGeorge Culp

    If anyone was ever without information to send to their downline subscribers,
    that means they did not take the time to reads Cogs and Logs entry for today!

    Great tips Fran and a very appropriate image at the top of the post, too!


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