Christmas Is Coming ~ Where Is Your Promoting?

Geared to Marketing ResultsWhat you do over the next few weeks can help determine what the first quarter of 2014 will mean to your profit margin.

The unfortunate part for most marketers is the dreary last quarter
of 2013 that could drag them into 2014 not looking so healthy.

“How can you do that if no one is active over the holidays?”

Do you buy into that statement? If you do, then you lose big time.
NOW is the time to grab those that do NOT celebrate the
Christian Christmas period. That belief is why so many people are

EVERY one celebrating Chanukah, Christmas, Kwanza and more will be
shopping ON LINE for their gifts. Besides, Christians don’t
celebrate Chanukah, Jews don’t celebrate Christmas and Hindus,
Muslims, and lots of other people don’t celebrate either.

My Family Will Bug Me Unmercifully

“So how was your year mom? Rich yet? Can you float me a loan?”

It used to be worse than that. But at every family gathering, while
they wished the holidays were longer and they could get away from
the dreary J.O.B. just a wee bit longer, my smile told them I knew
something that might just help them. By refusing to discuss it over
the turkey and delightful desserts, I kept them hanging on and
ready to follow up later.

One piece of advice? Talk to them sure but never never never sell
to your family. If they ask you to help them fine but you are NOT
looking to make a lifetime enemy are you? Family is so much
different than prospects you will deal with on line. For the rest
of your life, kill the messenger will be their chant when they see
you if they do not make it.

Today begins the five week period a lot of people will shut down in
order to observer religious holidays, family gatherings and just
plain kick back. Every step you take . Every offer, solo, NEW LCP
and phone call puts you ahead of the game producing twice the
results over these holidayers.

Christmas is only 15 days away and then we are heading into the
New Year. So I ask you, where are you this holiday season?

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