Cogs & Logs Blogging Part II


I may have got a wee step ahead of myself in the order of these blog articles. You will see why as you read on.

The Kings of the Blogging World Blogger vs. WordPress

Which platform best suits your needs? Are you only looking for
a way to express your enthusiasm for a hobby? Or are you
looking for way to create followers as part of lead generation?
From playtime to full out business, there are decisions to be

FREE Hosting ~ the good the bad and the ugly

Is Blogger free if you have to buy a domain name
[]? Hosting it forever on Google
‘completely free of cost with no downtimes’
seems to be the draw.

If you are talking ‘self-hosted word Press’ then finding
a FREE hosting place is not much different.

What it all boils down to when talking ‘free’ is what is

Templates are wider and prettier for WordPress and there are
untold hundreds to choose from that come with WP plus more
are offered by hosting companies.

Blogger allows you to customize everything. But does that help
a new person understand that bandwidth comes from pretty
pictures and gadgets that supposedly create a pretty blog? The
more you bloat, the longer it takes for pages to load and the
costlier it becomes to carry a FREE blogger?

You could conceivably make the same mistakes with WP BUT
having it on a hosted site NOT FREE can make the difference
there as to what you learn and what is available.


In terms of usability, Blogger is really easy to use, though
the interface is seen as chunky. WP is also easy to blog on
and the Dashboard (interface) is prettier and equally as easy
to use.

In fairness, I have researched feed back on both. The general
opinion seems to reflect the following;

Blogger is a free service given away by Google. Technically,
it is good but visually unappealing and its usability is

WP – WordPress, ( the site) offers a basic free version
that is good enough visually. WP makes its money off users
willing to pay more for control over appearance. Perhaps
generating such revenue through selling the service/product,
they have paid more attention to visual polish and usability.

Experience is probably the better teacher. However, having
said that, if you are new to blogging or your experiences
so far have been frustrating, then your choice may be made
clearer in that WordPress HOSTED professional version will
be worth that extra small monthly hosting fee to have all
the support and help you need in becoming a happy blogger.

There is a lot more to learn yet. Keep researching the
people who have made their mark in blogging. Be aware of
so many business choices, limitations, costs and learning
skills if you are to monetize successfully.

See you Monday with Part III …
Your editor …

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