Cogs & Logs Blogging Part III

004_42One of the more difficult decisions for new bloggers to make is do they go free or professional?

So let’s get down and dirty and do some logical thinking. The only real thing you need on line to succeed is a domain name and hosted property.

Seriously, if you plan on being around for any length of time and the idea of income is floating past your eyeballs then this IS the only step you need to take to determine your blogging future and how it will fit in creating you and the desired income you have always wanted.

You are always going to have the terms FREE and professionall tossed in your face. There is a lot of good on both sides if you are careful BUT … there are horror stories. Read on.

Here is the skinny on why FREE just won’t cut it.

Lots of hosting companies provide you with FREE hosting to carry Blogger or WordPress blogs. The conditions are clear though.

TERMS of SERVICE lump all parts of your blog name and tools together and state quite clearly  “The Website is owned and operated by Company name terms supplying the hosting.”

The horror stories are not funny for the people caught up in choosing free hosting. For as many times as you will read it recommended that if you are just starting out, then choosing Blogger and Google hosting can see like a great deal.

So what is the problem?

It’s their prerogative to tag your site as spam and shut you down without any chance of recovering your data.

Once you build a following, and your posts are regular, they will suggest it is time for you to upgrade. IF you monetize and begin to make any sum of money that request will come sooner with the warning you either upgrade with them or they will have no choice but to shut your blog down.

What if you do not like their upgrade hosting terms?  You can feel free to walk away but not take your blog with you, One thing left out of most of these FREE blog hosting offers is the use of a cPanel. No cPanel and you cannot back up your blog.

IF you choose to go free then do read the fine print BEFORE you take the leap of faith. The TOS or Terms of Agreement are your contract with the company providing FREE hosting.

You have all the responsibility for content, visitors, comments etc. And the ‘Company’ has the right to change that content if it is not in agreement with it, alter or remove entirely, keywords of your choice for theirs. AND they hold the ultimate right to shut down your blog for real or imagined infractions that break their Terms of Agreement.

WE Choose WordPress Professional

ALL our Blogs are WordPress Professionally hosted on ViralHost.  It is what I would strongly recommend any NEW blogger do from the get go. Be professional. Whatever your intent is for the moment, it can change. The idea of facing future transitions and possible loss of your data is unthinkable.

Start in the right position, from the very beginning and never look back!

Hosting your WordPress Blog with ViralHost means your content is your own. Moving in or moving on, our support people will make your actions super easy.

Our CHEAPEST ViralHost hosting package begins at $5.95 a month. Before you hmm your way into other companies charging less, you need to compare the perks. Including the kind of support that does not ask you to use your credit card for answers.

All our blogs come with their own cPanel. That is each one is carefully set up to be singularly intelligent – meaning the name, values and content can each be relevant to their own specific theme.

We also do daily backups of your site. Never lost time or data. The bandwidth is clearly stated. NO UNLIMITED as we could do like others. Here you understand what UNLIMITED really means.

WordPress Choices

WordPress offers two formats for your choice. We recommend you choose to host a professional version on and in doing so, we will guide you through the proper installation and help you get set up and running with full control of your blog.

It is not always the time it takes to set up a blog but spending the right amount of time to make sure the installation is ready to accept the plugins and layout you wish to work with.


The major concern in setting up any blog is security. That alone suggests your safest route is on a hosted site where you have the necessary control.  Your site with ViralHost is hosted on our servers spread across several data centers making it super fast, secure and always available.

The security ‘holes’ referred to often come from the free versions posted who knows where. With ViralHost, we’ve got your back!

There will always be problems, from niggly to serious that will pay off handsomely to  have your blog on a hosted site.  It really pays to have the right kind of support behind your efforts.

ReSources: Part I and Part II of this series.

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