Cogs & Logs Blogging Part IV Wrap Up

004_42Blog or Website?

Are they really so different? A blog provides you with a way to get your message out there to a larger audience. Opinion is the core of where your blog will take you. Education on your topic niche, where you learn as well as share what you know with your followers is ongoing.

A successful blog is the growth that will help you see having a
hosted site opens doors, providing ways to add to the power of
your blog, or in making your blog the power house for both.

Maybe leads generation and income creation that has its own
home on the hosted site part.

Becoming an authority

A blog is a powerful way to brand you as someone your
followers get to know, like and trust. It can position you
on the net with every idea or product and service you wish
to sell.

The blog portion speaks for you, your style, your beliefs,
the perks and benefits you can provide your followers for
joining you. Here is where the written word helps engage
the reader, making them loyal followers.

The web portion holds your ABOUT page, your PRIVACY, TOS,
home for your landing pages, Lead Capture Pages and
Splash pages. Each of these different spots tell a story
about you making your followers comfortable.

Any choice of ViralHost web hosting package can also be
home to one or more blogs. Is that so distant a thought?
For once you begin ONE blog you will soon realize you
have other interests that would also make it worthwhile
to begin another blog.

What are you really knowledgeable about?

Suppose your first blog is about dating? It can cover
men or women, how to meet, greet and date them. Then
you find your interests include wedding gifts and
accessories. Now that would not quite go with Dating.
So another blog may be in the offing. Or maybe you
are into health issues. Strong in that field of
knowledge and know it will create ongoing income.

Again another reason to have a web site that can be
home to every one of these ideas. A separate blog
for each interest. I am sure you are getting the idea.

All of the above ideas, add information How To’s to
that list, and you are right into the income creation.

However, do not try to do them all at the same time.
Build one, build it solid, then move into the next
one based on feed back from your followers.

The money saving easy step to set up

ViralHost can help you set up each of those blogs
all on the same web site. Now that can be a tremendous
savings instead of having a separate hosted site for
each blog.

Even more ways to create income

Some bloggers become so proficient at writing that
they set up and sell their blog creations. There are
a lot of people who want a blog but run out of steam
quickly. If you are one of those people you can make
a healthy living writing for this market.

Decision time is just around the corner

Hopefully, you have gained a lot of insights in
deciding you really want to blog. The How to’s
explained and compared, the do you or don’t you,
free or professional. The Idea of a web site that
can hold several blogs as your interests grow.
All of these pointers may be a big help to you in
realizing everyone can have and should have a blog.

Every marketer with stars in their eyes and dreams
of ongoing income can get a full grasp on what is
involved in these four blogging parts.

We have the staff to help you realize those dreams.
All you need to do is connect and say ‘YES! Count
me in. I need you to help me get started.’ We are here.

Your editor …

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4 thoughts on “Cogs & Logs Blogging Part IV Wrap Up

  1. AvatarDale G. Thomson

    I have just got to say this series is well thought out and gives the reader a lot of help with what to consider when choosing where they will start their blog and what niche they will choose. Great Job!

    1. Fran KlasinskiFran Klasinski Post author

      Thanks Dale … that is my hope. So many want to blog but have no real clue where to start.
      They are not anxious to wade through a lot of stuff out there. Hopefully this will rein in
      what is important for them to consider.

  2. AvatarGeorge Culp

    What an interesting series about blogging you put together Fran!

    If that doesn’t get someone excited about blogging, they need
    to check to see if they have a pulse.

    1. Fran KlasinskiFran Klasinski Post author

      LOL Oh I am sure they have a pulse. I can hear it from here as they think ‘Blogging? Me?’
      Read on dear reader, do not be scared. A future everything you could wish for waits for your



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