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img pack my reseller rightsI saw this posted in FaceBook and for a change it was one that made some sense:

Wanted: Encouragers – we have a surplus of critics already, thanks.

Unfortunately, like the better quotes of the day, this one belongs to unknown’. So I went looking for one more to suit the theme of this post.

“Either write something worth reading, or do something worth writing about!” ~~ Benjamin Franklin

Either way, Ben has it right on the button. Marketing is a spiraling
roller coaster of thoughts and actions. Either you are feeling pumped,
or you are at odds with yourself over every action.

Blog your feelings to a hungry world of readers who ride that same
roller coaster. Sharing what you are going through can be a catalyst
for someone out there who, in turn, can give you that special bit of gold
that can rejuvenate your energy for marketing.

Becoming an inspiration to fellow marketers is a great way to position
you out there on the Net. Surprisingly, some emotions that might
appear negative at first, can become a powerful inspiration to someone
on the other end who may feel like they are drowning.

Bottom line?¬† “Be yourself! Everyone else is already taken.” ~ Oscar Wilde.


Sunday Conference:

The topic was Email Deliverability.
The content was mind altering. Certainly informative and opened up
the avenues to how to examine your own practices vs. the way an ISP
might be looking at your email sender reputation in order to make
filtering decisions. Oh, you thought it was “their” fault?


How critical are you about Marketing ethics?

Are you aware that Marketing ethics are considered a formative part
of relationship building? In that case, how does your prospective
market judge you – and judge they will:

  • Having a clear code of ethical practices
  • You operate according to some moral standard or theory
  • You employ them when
  • evaluating business ethics ie
      • utilitarianism
      • duty-based theories
      • virtue ethics

When you make the news, which is where you need to head for,
it better not be your clients view your marketing ethics as
a marketing strategy that is unfair, or exploitive or deceptive.

Philosophical terms most promoted are the need to be those that
emphasize transparency, a trustworthiness that exhibits integrity
as well as fairness to consumers and prospective clients.


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Tomorrow we look at Traffic. Need some? Mark it on your calendar of
daily must dos. It might suggest something you really need and can

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2 thoughts on “Cogs & Logs Monday Motivational Marketing

  1. AvatarNancy Radlinger

    Great post and I totally agree – I remember when I first started blogging – I really struggled with what to write about or how I wrote. Then a friend of mine told me to just write about things that have happened to you and write like you are talking to a person – so that is what I do and it seems to work.

    1. Fran KlasinskiFran Klasinski Post author

      It is the secret to writing Nancy and darned good advice. Style come with practice.
      Nothing like a cup of coffee and a chat with a new found friend. Do they really need to be sitting across the table from you? Just imagine the chat you could have and translate it to your blog. The subjects are never ending nor is your desire to write the next one.


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