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My hope was that I could give you an overview in two separate entries but do not be surprised if it takes a bit more. Blogging is too important a subject to rush. It is verily responsible for a great deal of the results successful marketers enjoy.

For those that are established bloggers, this update may be of
immediate importance to you.

FTC Publishes Final Guides Governing Endorsements, Testimonials.
This change was NOT just for advertisements
and celebrity endorsements, but affects bloggers too.

Your research in this respect will decide for you how you will
use testimonials in your blogs.

Blogging Part I Getting Started

Most beginner bloggers get the idea monetizing is the way they
wish to go. That’s fine, once you have a clue what you will blog
about with both consistency and knowledge. This is also where
a bit of passion can be a great help in keeping you going.

The worse thing you can do is start a blog on a topic where you
think there is money. You may be right but what good will that
do you creating a hungry following if you know very little about
the topic and end up hating it.

Think of it this way. What subject would you happily write
about every day even if you would not get paid? Keep that
thought in mind as you research the bloggers that seem to be
rolling in the bucks you want.

Test your interest in your chosen subject. Keep it niche oriented
so that your following will build faster and maintain an equally
keen interest in what you write about.

Write at least TEN blog posts in the next FIVE days. Is that
necessary? Yes on several fronts. ONE, the subject pulls you.
The more you write about it the more you want to write.

Good bloggers write every day not when the mood strikes them.
Thus the blogger must be worthy of the subject.

Two, how dedicated are you to the blog topic that you can
approach the subject from different angles so that many
perspectives open doors to even more blog entries.

Three, the subject opens up the style of blog re layout,
images and design best suited for your blog topic.

Four, to begin with, your blog topic builds the blog. Thus
the design may suit the topic. After a while, when your
following begins to grow, the blog becomes the writer’s
haven thus the design will undergo changes again.

One more bit of resource that will take you through to next
week. Google John Chow. Get into this blogger and begin a
series of notes on what is attracting your attention, then
do post some feed back on what you find.

Part I synopsis: This is where you are a marketer who needs
a blog that promotes your interests. So what you have to
decide right away, is a subject you are passionate about,
but also one where there is money to be made.

Tomorrow we will discuss the ONE factor that will make you
or break you. Too many bloggers get sucked in and lose interest
on this factor. See you then.

Your editor …

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3 thoughts on “Cogs & Logs News Blogging Part I

  1. AvatarDale G. Thomson

    Some very good tips here for newbies who are thinking about adding blogging as a long term strategy to generate income and leads from. Especially the tip about choosing something you are passionate about. Think to many fall into that trap. They pick a niche which is a real money maker but loose interest to quickly to ever harvest from their work.

    1. Fran KlasinskiFran Klasinski Post author

      For many people, the idea of building a website is a scary proposition. What I suggest and discuss here is the pros and cons that will make their journey easier and show them how they can have both. Build that blog on a hosted site; learn the ropes and as you find you need that hosting, it will be there to harbor your fantastic work.


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