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The journey that spells success is targeted to winSunday conference members learned being the CEO (Chief Executive Officer) of their business is an involved operation. While there are some duties you can and should outsource, the main brunt of success or failure, rests on the shoulders of the owner.

You miss out on a lot by not attending. Need help with SEO and SEM? Understanding what they are and how best to use them? How to improve your online business?

REMINDER: If you are a hosted member of ViralHost then connect immediately for help getting you updated and into the new system with the least amount of problems. ALL business begins with your website(s). Knowing what will need updating can mean your check is zero or improved.

Website issues: Got an account but your site sort of sucks? Time to look for some help? Sharon and sitebuilder might be your answer.

Do not attempt it if you already have a site underway. Let Sharon show you the ropes and improve your sites quickly.

Surf contests: Are you watching the winners circle? Are you in it? IF you receive awards from surfing our TEs, then watch your mail for notification on your status with the Guest Traffic Exchange. If you feel you may have won and receive no notification, then send them a support ticket.

ALL results from surfing our TEs as hosts, or with them as guests,will be posted in the Traffic Exchange Newsletter. We appreciate your support and try to be timely reporting your wins.

ISSUES? Surf please! If you win a solo or start (sponsor) page and do not know how to make good use of them, then connect. We are here to help you. Writing ads is not a science rather a learned action so the more you write the better you become. This is one place we(Fran) can help you excel!

TODAY Surf contest is with Speed-Train-Hits.
Great member site that gives you tons of credits for surfing AND cash as well. Surf our 10khits4unow as the host and we threw in Clickaholics so your monthly surfing improves your chance for a FREE ONE year upgrade.

Surfing the Big Dogs.  Some Traffic Exchanges are getting quite bloated. Their membership sizes are not working best for the members overall. Admin work on the pages is not exactly up to par.

Overly large pages that freeze browsers, consistent same pages that never turn over, and did you know … Some trackers drive your security nuts?  It will claim possible malware!  You need to take the chance and check these pages out. 2tkr and others create false positives. Best bet? Check around if you want a tracker that works for you, not getting you banned for virus claims that do not exist.

Question of the Week:

“I am upgraded, why should I surf?”  For the same answer, ‘you woke up this morning, why should you breathe?’

The question and response are not so far apart in reasoning. It is to keep going. If you are not seen in all those places you surf, if your pages and promos are old hat, then you are dying online. If you do not breathe when you wake up, the consequences can be much the same just a wee bit fatal.

Are You Being ‘DUMBED DOWN’ by life? When you see, hear, read about Government mismanagement, or children killing children, or hostilities as young people lay down
their lives in order to have better lives for others, it has to really shake you to the core.

But when the news is full of it, does it numb the senses? Create this oh dear, so sad feeling but no real need to change the status quo? To become involved with opinion and ready to join in somehow to make a responsible change? It just is not happening to you?

It can be much the same online working for something better and feeling so sad that it is not found.  Or when it is, appear too late to take the proper actions to solve your problems?

It really does not need to be that way. YOU count. YOU ARE so BE the best you can be. Do not take no for an answer. Ask and expect to be helped then pass on what you learn to those that follow you.

Have a super successful week.

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Fran Klasinski-warriorlady
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