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Where desire meets action“The will to win, the desire to succeed, the urge to reach your full potential … these are the keys that will unlock the door to personal excellence.” ~~Confucius

The simplicity of that statement strikes home each time it is read. It keeps your desires and goals up front and personal to your follow up action.

In a time so full of desperation vs. ego, the ability to focus is ever evident as a return need by all.

The will to win, is not determined by the actions of others in your circle or in your life period. It is your game you play with your time and your mind that will make you or break you.

It is time to embrace risk. Time to take control of your life and stay true to your visions of how you see your life panning out before you.

The Desire to Succeed

Whether you are seeking to build a fortune 500 online company, or are willing to settle for a comfortable living for you and your family, or you seek to leave a lasting impression with those that you come in contact with, that says you did it,you made the right impact! Then it is time to reject the mediocrity that floats around you now.

The merry-go-round of good enough, can never be allowed to be what you are willing to settle for; not for one more day! Don’t make the mistake of telling any woman she is not competitive! And if you are that woman who has heard that statement over and over then cut them dead before they convince you it is not your right!

Leading and Competing Successfully

Competing successfully means being able to adapt. You may be far more charismatic than you previously believed. But you will never know the truth of what you can be unless you cut the ties to what if scenarios full of negative excuses to stop before you begin.

Women vs. men in competition

Men will compete for the sake of competing If they win, you soon learn how serious they were about the core values of the competition vs. egotistical remarks.

Women on the other hand, have too many competitive choices to make in their normal everyday lives so they choose carefully, the ones they think they can win then go for it. Women will give their all and then some when they do win.

Reaching personal Excellence

Think of the online business you are in. Think of what you see on the net. Who drives who and where does it lead?  Statistics show men are willing to take more risks, driving membership to follow that lead.  Women on the other hand, are a lot more accurate in projections and generally are better at keeping companies out of financial trouble.

This is not a man vs. woman post. Rather it is a recognition of differences and how they can affect the outcome of the will to win, the desire to succeed, the urge to reach full potential, in the mutual race to reach and be recognized for personal excellence.

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