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The journey that spells success is targeted to winI love form mails. Especially if they are ones that are sent out daily. That way I only have to check specific areas for updates.

However, that creates a lazy look attitude and even if I am pressed for time, it pays to check out what might normally be the form part. Refresh the grey cells and look there as well for updates to the form.

One of the main issues though, is first have to set up good habit to check mail. How many things have you really wanted, were lost because a day late and a pound short on checking?

So July is my personal training month. Mail first. NOT all of it, just the important parts. The rest like mailers, safelists etc and BSOs and sucker deals can wait till I have time.

Building Your List

Avoid the sucker syndrome. Build your own list. Work on doing so at least ONE hour every day. Because, if you’re waiting to win the lottery, well, see you in fantasy land.

Check out your favorite guru or mentor. The only way to have their success, as they so blatantly tell you, is build that list.

Promoting 21stCenturySurf

Now there is a really good reason to have your own list. Notify them! Add a mail to your A/R lists. Build fast, build deep, build for profit!

Better check the NEW fast, easy Family site makeover. Test the surf bar and be amazed how fast you can earn the credits AND how many ways that clicking can result in bonus credits.

Are you an advertiser? Then what better way than to promote 21stCenturySurf in every TE you use, and to every member on your lists. That includes your downline. Today is Tuesday – time to update your subscribers on the news that can really build both of you.

Virtual Money vs. Commissions Earned

Time is running out on this one. A lot of small nickel and dime offers were made to your account in surfing contests and to surf the 100 for $.03 This is virtual money meaning it is there for you to use to upgrade, buy credits or the sponsor ads or start pages, etc etc. It is NOT earned commissions so it cannot be paid out that way.

There is a deadline of the 15th of July to spend it. Need credits to cover you while on holidays? Time limited to surf? Buy credits with it! Got a hot new product? Use the virtual earnings to get it out there on start pages. Spend do not hoard. You lose every day it sits there.

Coming July 7-11 21stCenturySurf Official Relaunch Party

You do not have to join every Traffic Exchange that has joined us to celebrate with us, but you do need to surf 21stCenturySurf strongly every day.

Do surf the ones you have joined for at least the daily limit of 100 sites and see what your participation can mean to conversions and sales. Create a strategy that will fit your needs. Be prepared!

Advertiser or publisher, enlarge your hungry market. P A R T I C I P A T E! Surf!

One final Tip for Tuesday …

Do you have any real idea of what TEs you belong to? The lack of that knowledge can really be frustrating to find out you missed out on bonuses and credits and a chance to get your products in front of a new hungry market. You still have time before the relaunch party. Get them in order!

The only thing clickers earn is sore fingers if they do not have a strategy set up and are spending those earned credits an cash wisely!

One final thought. Did you know that Phobophobia is a fear of fearing?

Plan a successful week!

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