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The journey that spells success is targeted to winSteady surfers are the lifeblood of every Traffic Exchange. Your efforts produce traffic and traffic produces both sales and conversions. Thank you for your continued support and for surfing right along with us.

And that is Tip #1
Owners are surfers too. Do they need to win prizes from their own Traffic Exchanges? Hardly! But should they surf in competition? Why not! Who better to set the standard of respect for members to support?

We need to know we are not allowing bad sites to take up your click. We need to know what you are interested in by what you promote. How better can we provide you with the service you seek?

Golden Tip #1:

An owner surfer has the privilege of passing on their win. Which they normally do to an active subscriber who consistently surfs the Traffic Exchange. The second qualification is, the chosen member must be surfing in the program the owner wins in. That could be you.

Not so good news:

Know what you want! Clarity is Power. Vague goals promote vague results!

Surf 50 sites. Waste your time. Why? With hundreds and hundreds of pages in rotation, how many hits do you expect to get with 50 clicks? The more you surf, the better your chances of moving along the many sites so yours are seen too.

If that is the best your time allows, then do it consistently seven days per week and you may find your conversions happen.

There is the argument of what sites to surf. Only you know your favorites. Only you know your time frames to surf them.

However, this one sharp lady I just met, gets up while the world sleeps, surfs her top 35 she likes, 100 clicks each. Now that is focus.

Golden Tip #2:

Yours truly takes a page from her excitement and success, and is up early surfing the many choices on my list. And there are many for an owner. We support an awful lot of Traffic Exchanges so we can report the best ones to you.

See the calendar for your choices from our finds. As a hard and fast believer that less is more, I surf SEVEN per day. Not always the same ones but if you look, you will see I surf 200 sites each one. And if you belong to some of the sites, I surf, you will see I have the start page prize for a week. Why not you?

Tip #3

What are your daily business priorities?

Business Priorities:
Use of several check list for each daily chore. – You would be surprised at the time saved and the increase in sales and conversions you can directly apply to the use of checklists.
Bookmark calendar for joint surfs – you need to have credits on hand to promote offers.
Sign in, vote, and read newsletters. They come out almost daily for your information needs.
Connect weekly with your subscribers. – You will either build deep andstrong or watch them disappear off the radar.

Tip #4
So how would you attack the prospect of your market taking off for the summer months while you still need to pay the bills?

That is a priority question that is already making the rounds. However, we may have some answers.

Here is the problem. If you do not attend at least one of the weekly conferences, Sunday or Thursday, you will have to learn them by seeing others grabbing your share of the market first.

This Thursday, 12 June, 9pm EST will provide with tons of ways you canencourage a healthy and a profitable summer.

There is your start. See you Thursday? Bookmark it so you do not forget.

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2 thoughts on “Cogs & Logs Tuesday Tips & Tricks Summer Marketers

  1. AvatarGeorge Culp

    Amazing no matter what you are doing nor when,
    checklists are being used by successful people.

    Isn’t it time for you to join the ranks of the successful?

    1. Fran KlasinskiFran Klasinski Post author

      What was that old song that dates me pretty badly?
      “If you don’t know where you’re going, if you don’t know where
      you’ve been …” neither will anyone else.


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