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cogs & Logs News Help imgWhen I first came on line, eons ago in case you wondered, I think I was compelled to join every Traffic Exchange going. At that time, think the ceiling was approximately 1000 of them but very few worth
taking the time to join.

Nevertheless, I ended up with 125 of them in my pandora’s box and went crazy trying to keep up with them all. We had surfing partners in those days that sort of helped the time pass on those terrible 3:1 and 5:1 sites. There were not a lot of them then, thank the powers that be and even fewer now.

Today, I could take those 125 and break them down into rotators and
spread them around. There is even a site or two that will allow you
to build them all under one roof if you join what they recommend as

Why don’t I?

Companies go out of business as fast as they come on line. Rotators
are only as good as the dummy that fills them up! If you go off line,
if you leave a program, if you are no longer active if, if and more
ifs,that rotator is a thorn in your side and the program owners.

Control factor is another reason.

Today’s top 10 programs are history tomorrow. Not quite but close
enough if you follow hoopla. IF you do not vote continuously for
your favorite TE. If you do not use them enough or promote them
to create traffic. I think you get the picture.

Sufficient credits to keep rotators in full motion.

That is another reason I do not use them. IF it takes 100 views to
attract the attention of 10 people and out of that ONE might join me,
then how many credits do I need to keep live pages in each rotator?

You live in a dream world if you figure 122 credits will rotate
your 15 sites five or six times daily. Your rotator and your pages
are mixed in with thousands of other sites in each program. The fact
you use a rotator does not give you special privileges for every site
within to be rotated first.

IF you can buy credits, you are in a better position than the average
traffic exchange user. Because they are not upgraded; because they do
do list building; because their relationship with their members is
somewhere between earth and mars, they have to surf and surf hard
every day just to keep some of their sites in rotation.

Traffic Co-ops the new babies online

Not so new really.Been around for a lot of years, mainly to find what
they do now for Traffic Exchange users – create exposure and bring in
new conversions.

Do they work? I have listened to one smart cookie give his results
about co-ops. It did not turn my crank and make me run to use them.
How about you?

Everything we do online is to promote our favorite programs, whether
we are the owner or an affiliate, takes time and thought to make the
results we want happen. It all comes down to a series of small step
goals you can measure
, based on the well thought out plan. That plan
will be in continuous motion as you research and test, research and
test some more.

Do you have a working plan? Got some thoughts on this post? Share
your experiences. That is one powerful way to grow.

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2 thoughts on “Cogs & Logs Tuesday Traffic Tales

  1. AvatarBob Culbertson

    I remember those 1st days when we seemed to join everything out there. After joining all of those programs someone mentioned something about a pogo stick. Do you remember the stick we jumped around on when we were young? They weren’t talking about that though they were talking about joining too many programs that did nothing for our business, that is very true today with a lot of marketers.

    Those teams we had back then helped us be better marketers.

    1. Fran KlasinskiFran Klasinski Post author

      So true Bob! While we were new and excited, those teams and programs
      were our learning grounds. The teams today are flighty, here today, gone
      tomorrow and never satisfied. Seems to be a bigger lost and found on net
      these days with very few looking to be found.

      Thanks for the reminder. Sort of goes with the post today.


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