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The ViralHost April referral contest is heading
down the home stretch.

How has your advertising 10khits4unow, along
with Clickaholics and 21stCenturySurf doing?

We live in strange economic times which means
finding people who understand the need to be at
least consistent in their promotions if they intend
to create income, a rare specimen indeed.

Shaking the tail of the dog.
I see people pushing ideas but few solid products
or services. Many want their blogs to be the answer
but none realize ideas take hold with strategy. If
you are not willing to learn and share your actions
BEFORE you jump off the cliff, then it is unlikely
anyone can toss you a parachute.

When you shake the tail of a dog, you are more
likely to earn a bite than a warm reaction. That
is exactly the outcome many new people will get
when they try to monetize from the wrong end
of the idea.

Build relationships with your new subscribers.
Many of them will need your help one way or the
other. Almost all of them are fed up with push
selling just because they joined you for THEIR

They do not even open and read their mail. They
figure same old same old and your subject lines tell
them a story they do not need to hear.

What you should be doing is connecting or at least
watching their actions on line. You can learn a lot
from what your subscribers do by checking them

Taking back control …
Frustration starts with doing things we do not want
to do. They get out of hand then we spend hours
trying to create order out of chaos.

Selling to the seller never works
Well occasionally if you really really do have some-
thing they need to make their selling better. That
one time sale might make you feel good even if
it is the only one.

Get with the picture. Do some research. What do they
advertise and where? Do you need to change viral
places you advertise? What are the majority of users
of these places advertising? The right advertising
markets are easy to find if you do your research.

Spend a day in your email accounts. Update the
programs you belong to and their mails to you.
Then work the solo mail sends for an insight into
what is being offered. What subject lines encouraged
you to open and read.

These are the actions that set you apart from the
dreamers. Success means you work. And this is
part of the action list you can use to create those
conversions you seek.

Have a super Successful Friday
Join us Sunday as a core six people work out a
strategy that could save you tons of time and
frustration. You can work the test too.

Remember – the Sunday conferences and training
are now held in the
social community.

ADD us to your YAHOO – nice conference and voice
to voice via yahoo for instant support issues.

Your Editor …
Fran Klasinski-warrior lady recommends

Fran Klasinski-warriorlady
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