Create a Powerful Profit Plan for 2014

The journey that spells success is targeted to winSuccess is all about advertising, and advertising is all about the right plan of attack. Success does not happen simply because of the dream. Focused, intent action is needed.

IF 2014 is to be bigger, better and easier than 2013, may I suggest
you better have a handle on the biggest mistakes you made in 2013.

There is no faster way to fail than to continually repeat errors. Thus
‘fall down eight times …’ you know the rest. No one ever said that
determination paid off successfully, just that the poor devil kept
getting back up.

Is it any wonder they kept falling down? Failure to acknowledge
what causes were your downfall in 2o13, will be right there ready
to knock you behind the knees again.

Do You Like Surveys?

These might be questions you can ask your list. See if they
come any closer than you have in positive answers?

1. Did you create goals for 2013 AND did you come anywhere close
to hitting those goals?

Goals and a business plan. A business plan and goals. Two parts
of the whole that help you stay on track and create the results
you so badly desire.

Congratulations to you go-getters! Now how can you build on those
things in 2014?

What about those of you who fell off track?

2. Did you create that business plan?  Did you follow it up with
detailed plans or check lists of actions to make them happen?

It’s smart thinking to consider the NOW, the TOMORROW and the
time left for the year.  Each  action followed through on should
produce results. Maybe not quite the results you expected but some
worthwhile result that will allow you to expand on for 2014.

3. A year is a long time to go without some form of business plan
and goals to work through in order to realize your plan has merit.
If nothing else, that wasted year will show you what you must never
allow to happen again.

4. Be accountable to yourself. Make a list of how you flat out
wasted time in 2013. Knowing if it was a lack of any particular
skill, or your focus seem to be on anything but marketing will
help you form new habits to make sure they do not happen again.

5. Income tax time will soon be here. How many bright shiny
objects caught your eyes, emptied your bank account and put you
in the eye of the IRS as a hobby?

Ever hear the saying you should never shop for groceries on an
empty stomach? You know why, yes? Well it is the same thing when
it comes to convincing emails and advertisements, NEVER join if
you are feeling desperate. That kind of hunger destroys the best
of intentions.

6. There are 101 ways to build a list. Several lists. Funnels and
funnels of potential prospects filtering down to becoming your
target market.  How many NEW people did you add to your lists in
2013?  What percentage of those new people are buyers? How
many were willing to spend money with you to get what they

7. The cry is ” I want to make Money! I need to make Money!
My family is starving! The world is running off its axis – help!

So did you create and send a lot of offers to your list of hungry
prospects?  Successful people know marketing is all about
advertising and if you advertise enough, to the right people, in
the right way, you make money.

8. How close have you come to creating money skills in 2013 and
how much more will you need to create in 2014?  “Money skills’
include a web site, sales letters, list building, creating  product
information books or PDFs, building your presence on our Social
from what you are learning in FaceBook, or Pintrest, or

ViralHost offers SEVEN great ways to create income. SEVEN
that every marketer will need as they learn the
ropes on how to be successful.

If you are an affiliate marketing these products, did you put
together your own bonuses with each product that would
encourage them to take your call to action?

Haven’t you purchased a product because the bonus was something
that made your mouth water? Something you really really wanted?

Promote Promote Promote

Are you settling for using company promo pages and mad as a
hatter because they do not produce for you? The secret is out!
You learned it the hard way. If everyone uses the same pages
then it stands to reason you are advertising for each other
and that means one may make the sale if the timing is right
but it seldom is  you.

BE unique! DO stand out! Take the company offers one step
further. Make your offer a lot more enticing to the same
market that will buy. It will be you this time because you
know how to be unique to create and sell a better offer
for the very same product.

If you read this article through, if you were honest with
yourself, if you see the holes in 2013 that stopped you
from realizing your potential, then you are on the right
track to a much better 2014.

The thing is, sometimes a little help is needed along the
way to encourage your actions, to make what you want happen.
If that is the case, then stop right now. NO MORE trying to
do it alone.

You will find a ton of help right here with the ViralHost
owners and staff. The talent, the drive, the success ratios
and the ability to give you the support and guidance you
need, can be found in the conferences and asking for a
little help to fit your needs.

Read the blogs. Leave your questions or comments and then
look for a follow up. Connect with us. Share your story
and we will do our level best to help you get where you
want to be, faster and easier than any time before.

Your Editor …

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2 thoughts on “Create a Powerful Profit Plan for 2014

  1. AvatarGeorge Culp

    Some how we have got to get people to change their habits
    and quit doing the same things they have always done yet
    expecting it to all of sudden create different results?

    1. Fran KlasinskiFran Klasinski Post author

      LOl the $64 thousand dollar question.
      Who has the solution? Only the people who care enough to make the right changes in their business. That means they must have a business plan, affilliate or business owner, that allows them to track actions and be in control of their results.

      Seems a lot to ask yes?


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