Daily Conundums And An UNbeatable Offer

Cogs & Logs post img.Well another marketing week has bit the dust and where are you in your marketing? I ask that all the time, I know.

But hey life gets in the road and frustration can too often be our partner in attempt.

Ask me! This week has been disaster for me. FRIDAY and I am in a marketing 101 session with a very experienced person who knows better.

Here is the issue. While I was growing up, my parents ran what is now referred to as a mom & pops variety store. Ours was groceries and gas and of course candy for us little mouses with big eyes.

The first lesson was everybody is a customer. They are
always right even when they are 100% wrong. Hard lesson
for a kid but if you wanted to eat, you learned it.

Second lesson was there are friends and there are
customers. When it comes to business, they are all
customers, the two must be kept separated.

We learn that in marketing. The 250 rule? Bug the people
you know in your circle to join you but leave your friends
and family out of it. They really will walk down the other
side of the street when they see you coming if you don’t.

Treat the people you meet on line as good customers and
respect that relationship. Some will become your good
friend and that is fine but you never use that friendship to
push a product or opportunity at their expense. IF they are
interested they will ask you.

You will be talking and sharing online experiences and thus
the natural flow will encourage their participation. It is a
simple lesson forgotten when dealing with target markets,
in forums or groups, wherever people meet.

Those markets are not bulls eyes but some people sure do
believe in drawing the gun and shooting them full bore with
everything but what they need.

The secret to building relationships and lists of caring
subscribers is back up there a bit for those that caught on.

What about this offer?

A stranger approaches you and asks you to take two $100
bills and give them out within the hour to two very
deserving people you meet in that time frame.

What would you do?

Some people would run from that offer because it comes
from a stranger. Others might take the two $100 bills and
begin seriously observing people within their sight for those
two worthy people. What if by doing this act, the return was
200 times better?

Who would ask, what’s in for me to do that? Are those
altruistic people? Someone with moral judgement always at
the forefront? Someone who might question are the $100
bills real?

Who would do it with no thought of what was in it for

The above is the offers you read every day. The offer of
making something or doing something that compels you to
act for or against the offer. You are unique in how you view
these offers. The market that will respond favorably may or
may not include you.

Your answers to the above might give you a better insight
as to how you market to the masses and what it is you are
really looking for. Better yet, how to approach the market
you do want to engage?

Have a super successful weekend. See you Sunday night at
the regular conference?

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4 thoughts on “Daily Conundums And An UNbeatable Offer

  1. AvatarGeorge Culp

    Vicki – you are 100% correct!
    You must surround yourself with positive people.

    Nothing can be gained by a negative attitude.

    Many thanks to Fran for putting these articles together and posting them.

    A wealth of knowledge can be gained by reading this blog.

    Enough tidbits gathered to make a very nice pdf about marketing online.

    Keep up the good works Fran

    1. Fran KlasinskiFran Klasinski Post author

      You are very welcome 🙂 A pdf is on the way – in fact three at the moment if I can just figure out this ‘simple’ pdf maker in office.org lol

  2. AvatarVicki Osgood-Whatley

    I enjoy reading each issue of Cogs & Logs as well as Fran’s Fractured Marketing. I believe it’s extremely important to surround yourself with positive minded people. I also believe it good to know individuals within this network that inspire you and help to keep you accountable and focused. Cogs & Logs as well as Fran’s Fractured Marketing are both excellent marketing resources.


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