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ewriting img Outsourcing is the way most web owners and companies choose to go in order to create information products or just the right copy for their web sites and blogs.

You can never tell when that great article or news byline or web page copy was created via outsourcing. The fact it holds an author’s name does not necessarily mean it was written by that author, rather it could have been written for that author.

Thus there is a ton of potential for anyone who has an offline career in the writing fields to move online and make a mint. If there is one thing that scares most people from starting a business, it is the writing it will entail. That means time – lots of it and copywriting skills most just do not have.

However, there is nothing stopping you from learning.

Smart marketers have a blog where they get to practice  how to write on any topic. Meantime for you if you are new to this idea but sure wish you could string two sentences together to engage your prospects, read on.

How to write an article the easy way

Got your notepad ready? Article Checklist about to be created? Way To Go!!

WARNING! Seth Godin says Guest articles is NOT the way to go nor will it earn you kudos with Google. In fact, you are better off to really know the guest writer very well. Most Guest articles are not worthy.

1. Ideas – every one finds this topic a real door slammer.  If you pay attention to surfing, to the kind of web page designs, ads etc you run into on the net, you will never run out of information ideas.

2. What do you think your target marketer is?   In order to find out all you can about this person, your articles need to be a bit of a story hook that opens the front door and your reader gets more next mail or lesson, or article.

Be prepared

To do this it is best to create an outline for each article you have in mind. And do not doubt it, begin one article and it tends to run away into a dozen different directions if you are not careful.  Thus if article ONE give you four different perspectives, break your idea into four separate articles.

Be careful not to water content down. If it has no extending value, do not write it in the first place.

Many times your article lists will lead you to doing a series. That is good news too because it can lead to a nice give-away on your list building. Think how each article can be used besides in one post.

Specific Outlines

An outline can act as the design, or blueprint of your article.  From the top or introduction – bite of a good story that fits – to the body and conclusion of your article, your outline will keep you well organized and prevent you  from wandering off course.

Every article needs an introduction to the topic; a body that provides a problem and solution or solutions, and a conclusion that sends your reader off to take some important action and be ready to get your next article. Don’t be too wordy, looking to flush out sentences because you think it needs more. Leave something to the imagination of the reader.

Remember, when blogging or doing series articles, there must be a common thread that ties one to the other.

Editing advice?

Don’t! Forget about typos or run on sentences or just plain bad English grammar uses. Write, write and write some more. When you think you are finished then put the article aside. Take a break. Maybe investigate the set up of the next article or go play ball toss with the dog.

Just get away from it for a while. Come back and read it through at least twice for it to make sense. Cut out the wandering sentences, the dull drab inactive verbs and the over abundance of hypey adjectives.

Now you can fix the typos and the grammar.

Are those sentences you wrote down in your checklist notes, still as exciting as they were when you first thought them up? Is there enough focal points for your reader to follow where you intended to take them?

Do they make the article appear quite creative, interesting and appealing to the reader?

The first time you go through this outline will be the hardest. After that it gets easier and easier with the experience of continued writing.  A carefully planned and fully prepared project would guarantee less editorial  problems and a worry free procedure that should go forward without any hassles.

Keep in mind you will write at least three drafts before you will be happy with the finished product. If your conclusion ties up the article and causes your readers to take the directed action you have arrived as a writer.

Write in bursts if you find that works better for you. Telephone, door and interruptions from children or friends or your better half, can cause dry spells in your creative thinking. Take care of the distractions and get back to your writing.

IF you have a young active family, or family/friends lifestyle, you may have to choose writing times after all are settled for the night. Many a good book or article has been written in the wee small hours of the morning.

Tips & Tricks:

Join groups where you know they have to be good writers.  Is there a blogging group that might interest you?

Check advertising groups and find out what their problems are.  Everyone can always improve their ads. Knowing how is the elusive secret.

Join forums. Again you want to know the market s that writers attend and constantly write there. What are their problems and how sound are the solutions they offer? Can you do better? Create a following by practicing your helpful comments in these forums.

Always keep a notepad and pencil on you for those ‘bursts’ of sudden ideas and copy you will never remember until you get home. Or even if you are working on your computer and a brainwave hits you? Type it out on a notepad and save it to your writers’ swipe file.

When all else fails, off to the library where they have an insatiable supply of books and magazines on your favorite topics.

See you in print!

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