From The Clay Necessary To Mold to cPanel Security Risks

Congratulations to contest winnersA secondary title might be ‘knowing your prospect.”

A short synonym exercise ma be necessary in recognizing clay for
this post.

Depending on the stage of building strategies, it is best to choose
the right terms.

You presumably know more about your business, product, services
offered, and your customer, than anybody else.

Most people tend to think they do, anyways, yet their marketing is
no where near as effective as they would like it to be.

Who or what is the ‘clay’?

How do you refer to your members as … clients, customers, prospects,
leads, hits … etc.?

Have you created member records for those people that choose to join

Who are you? Affiliate, business builder, entrepreneur, etc…?

What are their demographics? Other than the user name, email and
possible profile information they are willing to share in their accounts,
what else do you know about them?

If you have a poor understanding of who these people are, then how
can you write to them in an effective way, so they want to follow your
call to action?

This whole exercise is not about education. It is not about having a
degree in data processing, or being a collection agency member, it is
about using your smarts.

Your experience will give you more insights along with how you
choose to get to know, like and trust the people you meet on the
wide net.

Guest post: Submitted by George Culp:

cPanel Security Risks

When is the last time you logged into your cpanel?

Hackers everywhere seem to be hell bent on causing frustration for
all online users. Our server was no exception.

That is why you must now log in to your cPanel using a secure connection.
Yes, this will require you to grant a security exception to logging into
your cPanel this way but it for your own protection.

Just maybe you cannot access your cpanel? Woe be it for you not to
be paying attention to Cogs and Logs posts relating to the latest server
security enhancements.

If your website is hosted by ViralHost, your cPanel password did change.

Please submit a ViralHost support ticket to have your new password
emailed to you. Make sure you specify an email address that is not on
your domain so you can retrieve that information.

You will also be forced to create a new password once you access your
cPanel with the new password we send to you. Just an extra security
precaution to keep your data safe.


Your cPanel password should not be an easily identified set of characters
such as birthdays. Make it something strong. We suggest you use the
password generator provided in your cPanel to create a strong password
that is not easily guessed by hackers.

It should be a combination of letters, numbers and special characters.
Easy to remember passwords are dangerous and can cost you your web

You should also make it a habit to regularly change your cPanel
password to keep your account safe from hackers.

When is the last time you checked your websites files and folders to
make sure nothing is in there you don’t want?

If you see something strange – delete it! Then change your cPanel
password right then – don’t put it off.

How about the passwords for your email accounts listed on your
domain? They need to be changed on a regular basis as well. The
same security precautions apply there as well as your cPanel
password – don’t make it something easy for a hacker or spammer
to guess.

When you access your email accounts listed in your cPanel via the
web, you will also notice it is now a secure connection and will
require you to grant a security exception to access.

This goes hand in hand with with normal security precautions on
your personal computer; protecting yourself from viruses and Trojans.

Don’t let your information fall into the wrong hands or even worse,
let someone change your website for you.

Simple security measures we have outined above will go a long ways
in protecting your website investment of time and money.

It is your property, make sure you protect it!

Submittedby George Culp
10:14 AM 9/22/2014

Some very good advice offered in this guest post. George is your last
call to get your accounts out of the mess you may be responsible for
creating. Give him a helping hand.

Read the above post THREE times then make notes on what he suggests
you need to do then do it!

Till next time …

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