Funnel Me Once, Funnel Me Twice, Funnel Me Crazy

p_133Landing pages, sometimes called squeeze pages, are undoubtedly the fastest way to build a list. With a few ghosts left out, it could be a totally targeted list.

Funnel Me Crazy

It used to be, and in many cases still is, the adverts promote and the results get dumped into a huge all encompassing funnel. That still leaves a ton of follow up in order to find the people you really need to follow your lead.

These prospects were hardly what you called targeted. At least
not down to the point of becoming hungry customers anxious to

How can I create a hungry list of targeted buyers and save
myself time, money and frustration as I develop the process?

The media won’t change but how you test to use the media will.
For instance try some of the following:

  • Create some buzz
  • create a LCP with ONE qualifying request on it
  • Make the copy speak. I don’t want you if you are broke.
  • If you cannot speak English I can recommend other offers.

If you are prepared to work hard, follow my lead and upgrade after you
confirm your intent and email are real, Then I WANT YOU!“( don’t forget
to ask for their name and email address on this sign up form.

A splash or LCP of this nature and attitude will separate the has-beens
and wannabes from the serious; hopefully, providing you with targeted traffic.

Before you upload your masterpiece, ask yourself the regular questions,
then add a couple more.

  • Got a clear grabber Headline
  • A short lead capture form, tied to an auto-responder
  • A head turning Sub Headline
  • A relevant image
  • Social Media Integration

While the above is the short concise route to targeted traffic via
funnel marketing, there are a few more important points to keep in
mind. As you learn about some of them that attract your interest,
try to keep in mind, it is not the number of members on your list
but number of subscribers who easily become repeat customers based
on the targeted drawing power of your LCP.

It’s ALL In The Name

Marketing funnels are bound to be renamed as a more centered contact
with more reasons for creating them. Moving into current times, it
may become the Digital Marketing Funnel -its purpose to allow
companies to attract and retain customers via the Internet.

That would mean EXPOSURE plays a leading role Both INBOUND via
every media that produces RELATIVE CONTENT as well as ADS using
all forms of MEDIA to get the message out there.

Keep in mind that in spite of all the Digital Buzz hitting the
net these days, it certainly is safe to assume this is all new
to many players thus DISCOVERY from a few visits to finally
consuming content they will need.

All the heavy players who recognize a hot new trend will leverage
their actions for a bigger piece of the pie while fresh eyes give
CONSIDERATION to all this content information and will it fit their

The top part of the funnel is once more in full play. This is where
the new people drop the ball. IF the top part has done its job, you
are facing tons of potential new CONVERSIONS.

Happy days for owners and affiliates alike. IF they back it up with
solid CUSTOMER RELATIONSHIPS. You’ve pulled them in, they have converted
and you keep that warm cheery glow growing as they get to know and trust

Finally the part that makes it all worthwhile – CUSTOMER RETENTION
Now your Digital Marketing Funnel is complete in requirements and
satisfactory results.

Even this presentation is just the tip of the iceberg. Identifying
the channels that work best for you, making double sure the promotional
materials and support, training and back up are in place, so that when
Digital Marketing buzz word is spoken the attribution goes right to
where you need it to go. To you and your product. Because you completed
and are testing all the steps for best results.

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