Getting To Know You Through About Me Pages

Action Marketing professionalFirst stop on an About Me page is where it will be located. On a blog or on your website?

If you have a website that you host your blog on, then the problem of which can be easily solved. Post it on your web site then link it to the ABOUT menu on your blog.


Different Strokes For Different Folks

While there should be a different approach to the web style you
are building and what your About style is all about, I will try to
deal with the basic affiliate to small business owner ABOUT ME
style and one for bloggers.

Keep in mind, the About Me page is another tool that can help
you qualify followers for the product or services you promote.

You are a site owner whether you blog as the mainstay or as an
integral part of your web design.  Thus the ‘About me’ pages
have the ability to inform your site visitors partially about
your web site intentions and partially on the personal side of
all about you.

Page Design Speaks Volumes

Your ‘About me’ page serves to sell your readers on who you
are and what you can do for them. Thus layout, colors, designs
images – they will all speak the proverbial 1000 words so your
copy can be clear, concise and to the point.

Sponsors vs. Clients

As a sponsor, you provide the ways for your subscribers to find
out why they should choose to follow your lead.  Clients, on
the other hand, check out your ‘About Me‘ page to find out why
they should choose to do business with you.

Much of what you read out there has more About design
aligned with the freelance professional vs. that of a web
designer yet personal presentations involving blogging vs
a service related website are another area worthy of

Think Lead Generation Ally About Me With It

Consider your target audience. Who are you trying to win
over to thinking they want to join you?

What skills do you possess that you can offer a specified
audience?  Perhaps newcomers to the net? What about hungry
excited small business owner builders? Or those expecting to
run an enterprise from the desk in their own home?

Showcase your talents to fit this audience. Layout your
‘About me’ page to best organize your content for this page.

Teach Yourself to SEE Potential Customer Reaction.

Can you imagine your prospect checking out your About page?
What are their questions? What will they want to know most?
Have you set up your page to help them find the answers?

Be warm. Be friendly. Tell the story from your experience end
if you can. Your love for what you do sells more people than a
long list of credentials that blows their mind and makes they
worry about the cost factor of doing business with you.

Your About page should supply answers to the following or
link to other areas on your blog/website where the information
can be found.

  • Who are you?
    What have you done?
    Where do you live
    Why will your skills help me?
    How can I connect with you?
    When will you find the time to consider me?

To really get personal, supply that human, warm head shot
that tells your prospect visually you are real.


The above resources can give you some ideas for how your
Abut Me page could look. Depending on your skills and what
it is you want to say. Have fun with it. Remember to change
or update it as you learn more information that could be
very important to your future attraction to viewers.

Your editor …

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2 thoughts on “Getting To Know You Through About Me Pages

  1. AvatarPatricia Downing

    Good advice and just wanted to say, if anyone clicks on the six revisions links, the page wanted
    will not show because there is a space in the word inspir ing and the 2nd link, the 4 0 .
    Will now read the advice on the pages; 🙂

    1. Fran KlasinskiFran Klasinski Post author

      Thx Pt for support on this one.
      As for links, my bad as they are bound to break because of length.
      Should have noted do a copy and paste. 😛


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