Growing Popularity of Clickaholics

Clickaholics 100_Jittterwriter.jg “Things that matter most must never be at the mercy of things
that matter least.”  – Goethe

I used that quote at the top of the Clickaholics blog for a very good
reason. Mainly because most new and not so new marketers jump
the starting gun of where they are to where they want to be.

Everyone wants CASH or MONEY, More TIME and FINANCIAL
in order to create the right lifestyle, but very few want
to follow a structured path or system that will get them there.

How can Clickaholics help?

Researching the history of Clickaholics is a fun action that dates
back to its creator the late Doug WilliamsMany of you will
remember him and all seven of his Traffic exchanges and
programs.  We are busy offering you the best with continual
updating of the ones we are continually building because they
fit our USP.  Creating Success ONE member at a time.

The growing popularity of Clickaholics is based on the satisfaction
of testing different advertising methods and coming up a winner
with a little bit of our help.

TEs Take a Pumeling

What is not so great is how TEs have changed over the years and
how new naive members have been sucked into TEs that have mixed
TEs with safelists, PTP or PTR or GPT sites plastered all over
the TEs.

As owners, we must take a real pride in just how many outside
forms of advertising are acceptable. Frame breakers or programs
with inner frames where third party websites of unknown content
can be displayed or lots of unmentionable sites that sneak into
your browser this way, including virus and porn and even iframe
rotators, which must be avoided at all costs.  Unfortunately,
the PaidTo sites can be the biggest offenders.

Where you come in

We do not appreciate the ones that slip through. Since you can
approve your own sites, and the applications we use to approve
them, are not always on the ball, we depend on you reporting the
bad ones thus stopping these creeps from getting into the TE
system. We really do appreciate it when you report them.

Administration Verification Page

The back up protection is the verification page. If you notice,
when a new person signs up they are awarded the sign up bonus
BEFORE they activate. So in goes the necessary URL and they up
and disappear. Honest people? As soon as they activate, trust
step number one is in place. IF they can surf and do NOT become
BANNED for missing the verification page then you have a good
new member.

Mistakes do happen. Those people read before they post. Know the
Privacy, TOS – agreements and what it is they must do when they
join, place a URL – approve it and surf on for conversions. If
there is a mistake then they do send in the required support
ticket. AND normally, it only happens once to them that they are
ever BANNED.

Clickaholics is all about advertising!

Our downline builder lets you choose what  you will advertise to
your members. Your sponsor has it filled in so if you do not
change what it there then your people could join your upline. It
is a powerful way to control the downline lists you want to build.
You have 15 choices of programs to advertise so do not let this
powerful advertising get away from you.

Upgraded members enjoy the greatest perks. You can earn a full
one year Pro in our monthly contest worth $109.89  or pay it up
front on our current deal for those who want to get started now.
There is even a lifetime account offered for your consideration.

Connect + build trust+ become known = conversions and sales.

There is no better time than now to join the growing popularity
of Clickaholics. Pop on over and read the blog then get signed up!

Your Editor …

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