Hey Did You Know It’s The Season of Light

Festival of Lights Did you know that this time of year is considered ‘The Season of Light’  and why? Trivia does not have to be useless. Trivia that educates makes you and I a tad smarter about how we market to our lists.

“It’s hallow’een, the lamps are lit, around the fire, we children sit …” from days of pagan belief to lighting lamps and candles to drive away evil that rests in the dark. This is the greatest season of the year. History is full of wondrous findings.

To celebrate it to some extent, it is too large to cover everything, ‘hangman‘ entries have been updated. Go have a little fun and surf 21stCenturySurf to find out what they are.

I Smell a Fall Contest in the air!

Guess how many entries there are in total. (Admin are not eligible) List them and send them into here as posts to this entry. Winners for the following prizes will be drawn from the entries received.

One winner will earn One month upgrade in 21stCenturySurf. Two runners up will win 500/1000/2000c/b/t.

The contest begins 25/09/14 ONE minute after midnight and runs until 12 mindight 28/09/14.
Bits of the Best Posts of the Week;

It’s a good thing Sunday comes once a week. Sort of helps us keep tabs on where the week went. Whatever did you do with your time?

Keeping time in mind, remember the most important reason for keeping good records is for after you are gone.

The only two things you can count on in life, are death and taxes. Leave your loved ones well prepared.
15/09/14 Monday
No man is an island. Success is only a word unless you connect with your sponsor and see what they do.

Follow your sponsor, or challenge them if you think they are asleep at their marketing.
16/09/14 Tuesday
NEW meeting room. Easy install – choose free – and be prepared to attend the Thursday conferences.

www.teamviewer.com  Topic was working with your vhResponse auto-responder. The session was taped complete with desktop sharing results.

Our conferences are your guarantee to fast entry into the ViralHost system; strategies that work; meeting other members – might be your sponsor as well for the first time; and to keep you updated on skills that will help you build your dream much easier.
17/09/14 Wednesday
“Courage doesn’t always roar. Sometimes it’s a quiet voice at the end of the day saying “I’ll try again tomorrow.'” ~~Mary Ann Radmacher

Just how often is a person expected to be passionate, be purposeful in order to achieve prosperity, and fail and fail again? That’s real hurting pain!

I’ve had setback after setback, and no doubt so have you.  Why are we still here? Because we took the time to stop, reflect, then reconnect with the reasons we do what we do.

No one is exempt from failure. If you are trying to build something then you know exactly what that quote means.  When you are planning your next strategy, keep in mind, in the wary, skeptical yet savy markets you will be dealing with, authenticity and doing what you are passionate about are the two best ingredients your copy needs to reflect.

Surprisingly, most marketers just do not get this message.  It screams the opposite in their copy. Sad for them as this happens to be the only safe strategy worthy of using.
18/09/14 Thursday
I love good news surprises, don’t you? This one caps them all! Not only can you receive bonuses for bringing in newly upgraded members, now we will help you get them.

No it isn’t a gift and it sure isn’t a bribe! You will have to promote the idea and the winner will have to surf according to the rules to qualify the upgrade.

Is it worth it? You decide! Check it out for yourself.

Applies to all Inhouse surfs.
19/09/14 Friday
Tips For Our Newest Members
Time for you to catch up and read what is posted in this issue of Saturday 21stCenturySurf mail. These tips should form an email in your auto-responder.
Next: Connect with your sponsor. You need to know if they are prepared to work with you as you need them.
20/09/14 Saturday send for Sunday –
You should be reading it as well as this issue of Cogs & Logs News Updates. It has been a bang up week with lots of new happenings your eyes should catch while surfing 21stCenturySurf.

What are you on line for? Have you prioritized your time to accommodate both surfing and marketing? If your goal is to create fair income for fair time spent then you need to really be attending ViralHost Thursday conferences; reading your daily mails from 21stCenturySurf; signing into 10khits4unow and Clickaholics to vote; check your downline growth and connect with these new people.

When you learn the power of list building, then you will quickly understand how to communicate (relationship building) with your new people to help them duplicate what is working for you.
Till next time …

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4 thoughts on “Hey Did You Know It’s The Season of Light

  1. AvatarBob Culbertson

    I was great to see so much more surfing because of this contest.

    Hangman makes one think to get the right answers.

    I was able to complete 4 phrases (maybe I was the lucky one one of them I found 4 times in succession).

    1. native american heritage day

    2. star over bethlehem

    3. all saints day (4 times)

    4. all hollowed eve

    most of the time I was landing on the loose a turn.

  2. AvatarBeverley Hofmann

    Oh goodness, what a contest!
    I think there are 11 answers to various words but I could only complete 9.

    1. Smartphones and tablets.
    2. Star Over Bethlehem
    3. Bishop Saint Nicholas
    4. Old Farmers Almanac
    5. All Hallowed Eve
    6. Programmers Day
    7. Native American Heritage Day
    8. Earth Orbiting Sun
    9. All Saints Day

    Thanks for all the fun and frustration.


    1. AvatarBeverley Hofmann

      Found two more –

      10. Massachusetts Pilgrims
      11. Winter Scenescape

      Still couldn’t figure this one out! CALA_ _A_AF


  3. AvatarBob Culbertson

    Friday – 9/26/2014 Hangman
    native american heritage day
    star over bethlehem

    Some phrases are more difficult than others, for anyone who does not know Hangman games have been around for many many years.


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