How to Make Your Web Pages Convert Easily


The first thing you can do is read the TOSTerms of Service or Agreement. It tells you what you absolutely cannot promote on our sites.

That one simple act increases your chances of your web page getting approved or staying in rotation. It might also keep you as a member. Some actions contrary to the TOS can get your membership revoked.

In Clickaholics and 10khits4unow, you get to automatically approve your web page entries. BUT NOT so in 21stCenturySurf! Our 100% family safe Traffic Exchange is 100% manually approved on all entries including banner and text ads.

Second best thing you can do is read the blogs, email sends from both ViralHost Admin and your sponsor or upline.  These people are your support system. It is always best to be on top of what they have to offer.

Does seductive copy electrify your brain waves?
Some of the programs offered, the web pages that promote them and the eager rule breakers create startling facts.

The sizzling offer of $$potential$$ numbs the thinking process and the last thing done is verifying the offer. The shiny object syndrome raises its ugly head and sucks in another vulnerable victim.

The route to broke begins with denial of the obvious. SCAM reports, Youtube ‘look me in the eye and see I am telling you the truth, we are legit’ promises.

Some people out and out lie, folks. And they do it convincingly. So quickly with surefire innocence, you buy into it. If it does not raise red flags when you read or hear this kind of hype, then you are pure shark bait.

I’ve deliberately left the best two ways till last. They are simple but they work. Both will save you time,  money and aggravation.

People want things that are just plain better and must be easier to use. Your web sites, pages, articles, blogs, images … they must be simply better.

Where better to get the insights into what really works? Our Saturday night web sessions with Sharon Ticknor. What you produce must work therefore, what you think you want needs to be simple, easy to use, understand and attract.

Come try a hands on conversation with Sharon. Learn where the best tools are to work with, how  to find them and how to turn out the simply better work you are looking for.

The other way is our Sunday night conferences where you bring yourself and your new members to get comfortable with having joined you, and to meet other members who have already been where they are going.

Have a prosperous Thursday!

Work with people who care! #1 in Training & support.
The hosting company with all the right business tools.
Safe, secure, budget conscious. We’ve got your back!

Your editor …

Fran Klasinski – warriorlady
Mentoring you with common sense
Marketing with finesse.

Mike Jeter – Telephone: NEW 1-216-258-1474
Fran Klasinski – Telephone: 1-613-394-0868(EST)
George Culp – Telephone: 1-806-385-9108 (CST)
Sharon Ticknor – Telephone: 1- 905-685-3013 (EST)

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One thought on “How to Make Your Web Pages Convert Easily

  1. Avatarsharon ticknor

    You sure said a mouthful Fran! Caught by the easy-to-do methodology has cost many valuable time and expense. Lots of us have been there and tasted the bitter effects.
    How to earn online is only a secret kept by those who want to keep people trapped. Unfortunately, most will never escape because they have been locked out and dumbed down.
    Staying free of traps and schemes begins with working with people who really do care and want to see everyone with the right intentions reach their goals.
    The most difficult part is getting the message through to those locked minds so they can see and taste the difference.

    Warm regards,
    Sharon Ticknor


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