img pack my reseller rightsI hate LFMTE lol I want to know MORE – who is the referral I got? When my downline gets large, looking for a new member is like looking for a needle in a haystack.

Can we fix the mails to tell us who they are?

Pssst! Your latest referrals are always listed at the top of your down line. I still want their name ad email address in my received email that I have a referral!

Actually, LFMTE is a pretty sharp script! When you look at all the different ways you get to promote; downline builder, daily rewards, splash pages ready to go, full promo package ready, on line classes and much more, it’s unbeatable!

If you want to be seen as an authority of any product or service, then you will appreciate the power of full exposure and positioning right on the surf bar!

“I have been on line marketing for 15 years and this is the best design I have seen.” ~ David Brundage

Does David speak for you too? Check it out for yourself, become a supporter of 21stCenturySurf and let your people know what you have found!

Referral Marketing Is Key

Referrals are a dividend on superior service. It is not all about the owners providing this service, but for you as well. These people chose to join you.

Imagine, if you provide excellent service to others, you’ve not only earned the right to ask for referrals, but others will be more inclined to offer them to you!

Utopia? maybe – but it sure beats sitting there wondering why you always get passed by.

It’s summer time. Losers think it all slows down but the wise know this is the time to grab those unhappy members in other TEs who might just find you.

They are out there looking. If you do not have your adverts out there, too bad for you. Because the members who are promoting are really seeing their downlines grow with eager surfing new members.

The more you advertise now to up the membership with new eager members, the more conversions and sales that new membership will represent to others seeking a good healthy Traffic Exchange to join. Make it you as their sponsor in 21stCenturySurf.

Upcoming Promotions:

Mark them on your calendar or bookmark ours:


Join them in the calendar or in the downlines,
Check with your sponsor. See if they are already members.
If not, sign them up!

12julySat 21stCS and Clickaholics Daily surf
Saturday PromoCode is DavidsDay100
Manual Awards for Clickaholics qualified surfers.

14July Monday 21stCentury Surf and TeaCupPuppyTraffic
21stCenturySurf promo Code: SummerHope100

15July Tuesday 21stCS and Clickaholics Daily surf
21stCenturySurf promoCode: JuniperBlaze100
Manual Awards for Clickaholics qualified surfers.

16July Wednesday 21stCenturySurf Double surf awards
21stCenturySurf promoCode: JewelRainbow100

Heads up! Snooze you lose!

Clickaholics is the next TrafficExchange in our arsenal
of lead generation tools to convert to LFMTE script. It
will be a while yet before it is ready to switch. But that
does not mean you sit and vegetate!

Get surfing, build your downlines, promote your products,get ready to be seen by taking advantage of the daily surfs. You will see a few advertised above and MORE in the daily surf calendar posts.

Heads Up Sunday Conference

Join us in the new Fuze room for new experience.
http://fuze.me/25280207 13 July Sunday 9pmEST Room open 8:45pmEST.
Follow the instructions and come on in. Topic: Referral marketing – how to make it work for you.

Plan for a successful week. Expect to learn some new phase of your major need. Then take action to make it happen!

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