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p_133I spent this morning surfing a ton or Traffic Exchanges looking to see what the commonality was amongst them. Turns out the issue is not what is common, because 95%of them are copycat sites. The issue was finding one that was  unique. Something that would cause my eyes to light up and want to have a peak.

Support Reply …

Not there … So sorry, we cannot find an immediate solution
for your request.

Foreign language Traffic Exchanges

Should we accept them in our Traffic Exchanges? We do now
conditional on them portraying enough English to know what
the TE is about and to inform our members for their interest
and protection.

Was talking with a fellow doing a task. He had two different
pages in front of him, one in Korean and the other in Arabic.
He had to search and search for clues as to what they  were
about. In this case, education.

Would you spend that much time searching out a page on a TE
as to what it was about before clicking?  I didn’t think so.
Me either for a few reasons like, not everyone is honest about
what they promote. The TOS in their land might be a lot
different than the TOS over here.  Hackers and virus pushers
love the fact you will click on anything. If we let them in
then I can just hear your response when caught!

I can visualize your support ticket screaming bloody murder.

Web Page Approvals

Do you appreciate the fact you can approve your own page
submissions in 10khits4unow and Clickaholics?  Probably
most of you do but there are 25 unapproved URLs sitting
in 10khits4unow and almost as many in Clickaholics whose
owners either can’t read or don’t have a clue as to why
their sites are not in rotation.

Time to go back in and read the LARGE RED print?

Mystery, Myth and Legend

What’s your fancy? Love, hate, fear, against your religion?
Where do you stand on so many new TEs coming out with
their front page all about some form of mystery, legend or

Personally, I love them! Being a voracious reader, there are
few mystery, myth or legends that have escaped my hunger. What
bothers me is there is no real theme and no depth to them.


What do you think a conference is and what do you feel it
should be?

What is a marketing funnel?  Who is your Sponsor? Have you
ever met them? If not, why not?

What is the difference between an employee mindset and an
entrepreneur mindset?

There is a TOS on every Web site and especially on every
Traffic Exchange. Have you taken the time to read them? How
about our TOS, Blogs, Cogs and Logs News and newsletters?

What is your favorite means of receiving information?

And a final thought. Are you your own CEO and do you know
what that means?

Till next time … perhaps at a conference?

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