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Where desire meets action viralhost.comGet real! If it is possible to join some company and make an easy $10,000 per month right away, why would you not already joined and made it?

How come there are hundreds of thousands of people laid off, who have worked tirelessly at the offline and online jobs and have not made that promised hay?

Reality Check Says …

How about $500 a month? What a way to put a hole in the
monthly costs of getting by!  Would you like an extra $500
this month or next? would it be a nice sum that would help
you big time?

Now there is a nice image to place on your  board of goals if you have one. Or post it at the top of your work pages as a reminder to stay focused on what you need to do to earn
that amount each month.

Under that list, then think about what an extra $500 every
month could mean to your retirement fund, emergency
fund for prescriptions, kids’ education fund, you name it.

Once you learn to set up a strategy to earn the $500 per
month then you are on the way to setting the next income
goal. Sometimes it is better to set smaller goals so they are
reachable. There is this feeling of euphoria when the goal
is met. To continue making it should put a long lasting grin
on your face.

If you are having problems trying to accomplish this feat. IF
it seems to be out of your reach, then be sure to join our
Thursday and Sunday sessions help in the ViralHost Social
Community. You might be very surprised to sit in on what
the current class is just finishing up.

I know this person who always says reach for the moon. If
you don’t land there, you can always grab onto a star. The
problem is, while they were saying this, I think the farthest
they ever managed to reach was for the roof top. That fell
flat and they ended up with a stubbed toe for their efforts.

You should see this person today! They are well on their way
past the roof top, over the stars and on their way to the
moon. It could be you next.

ViralHost Social Community

You MUST join the community in order to attend our sessions.
The hardest goal is to reach any success level on your own.
There is no need to fear joining us. NO Privacy issues to
beware of  and no one is going to give you anything but

IF you use Hotmail, please please fill in your profile and
leave a small note you are a member of our programs? Hotmail
is normally a throw-away email  addie and used by scammers
etc so we automatically deny it. Your profile information
might make the difference.

Your personal action list to close off the week:

  • Catch up on mail
  • Click for credits on solo mails
  • Read he Cogs *& Logs News back issues
  • Check the CONTEST page in any TE
  • Scroll on down – are you on the lists?

There is some amazing information readily available for
you to take full advantage of. Our greatest pleasure is
to see your name at the top. A winner because you understood
to win means you must participate.

Latest News:
Want some instant dollars then support the
TexasSizeTraffic contest running this weekend!

See you Sunday?
Your Editor …
Fran Klasinski-warrior lady recommends

Fran Klasinski-warriorlady
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Marketing with Finesse

Mike Jeter – Telephone: 1-216-258-1474 (EST)
Fran Klasinski – Telephone: 1-613-394-0868 (EST)
George Culp – Telephone: 1-806-385-9108 (CST)
Sharon Ticknor – Telephone: 1-905-685-3013 (EST)

Contact Via Yahoo Instant Messenger:
Feel free to add your Admin Staff:
Fran – franniec41
George – gofermatch
Sharon – sharon.ticknor
Mike – mjeter45
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