My CheckList Let Me Down

Geared to Marketing ResultsIf you worked the long hot summer the right way, then that will be a plus. If not, you’ve got a lot of catching up to do.

The first thing I noticed when I started up, was my desk top was utter chaos in files and folders that needed to be moved into MyDocs.

My CheckList Let Me Down

More than likely, I let IT down. Life online vs. life off line can
sort of get in the road of one another. A long hot summer, rain
and crazy weather excluded, create its own confusion of family
demands, holidays and hopefully NOT being a victim of floods.

A lot of people are in a lot of pain. Having lost lives, homes
and property, leaving them in a very sad state. That means the
economy for others is not so hot. BUT what if we took ONE
program and dedicated its results to contributing to those in

Something to think about? It will head my newly updated
checklist. If I do not have such a program, I will find one.
I pray you will do the same. The more of us who give so
little on our part, the more people we can help
those who desperately need it.
Are you game?

Daily Checklist Duties

Time is of the essence for everyone. So chunking time in a
way that allows task completion is a good way to get started.
Along with time is fellow bed mate organization. Thus it is
imperative to set up a schedule that fits who you are time wise,
then stick to it for desired results.

Daily Conferences:

They demand time we often do not have to sit in on chatty
times with no real benefit other than social. While the
online push is all about ‘social’, my feelings are there
is a time and a place for everything. And see you everyday
lose reason to chat. But see you once a week and we got stuff
to talk about.
ViralHost Thursday and Sunday Conferences ARE chatty to a
degree because we have become friends. However, the core of
the sessions is marketing or learning a new skill. Maybe for
some it is updating a skill. There is always something new to
learn because the net does not stagnate – we do.

Mail CAll! Monday Week Day Start!

Keeping up with mail has to be one of the more unrewarding
hours of time spent by most new marketers. Having a good
mailing address for good programs helps. Then using gmail
and yahoo for those mails that look interesting. Easier
that way to determine spam, junk and mass delete.

Mail is a pretty wide topic I will cover in a series for
you at a later date. Today, just know it needs to take up
about a good 20 minutes of your time daily. ONLY to look
for specific mail that affects the programs you are working.

Tuesday Subscriber Mail Day

Everybody is too busy on Monday to bug them with important
mailings so Tuesday is a good time to grab their attention.
It does not mean they will read or take action, but your
timing is better served trying on this day. Company mails
can be dealt with in that 20 minute time frame EVERY day.

If that idea makes you gasp them it may be you belong to
too many programs and if you cannot stay abreast of their
demands then it may be time to cut some loose.

Mid-Week Social Visits are good for Wednesdays

Since your mail is now under control, and you have sent
email to your downline people, then Wednesdays are a great
time to touch base with ardent followers. Besides, you
deserve a break today. Go social! Build for tomorrow.

Thursday is Maintenance and Advertising Day

If you have a running love affair with rotators and the
programs that move your links through rotation leaving you
to be a clickaholic to keep them live, then your time is of the essence
and if you do not do at least a weekly check on those
links, you could be working for nothing.

So your face is visible for being a power recruiter and
slow but sure the money trickles in from your work. I also
see the hundreds of dollars you missed out on and the
upgrades and the instant satisfaction because you failed
in the most satisfying and important part of recruiting –
follow up.

Imagine, all that hard work for peanuts. Not my cup of tea.

Thursdays are also for getting those advertisements out
there. Most programs provide several ways for you to turn
ONE action into many increasing conversion and sales ratios
beyond measure. Don’t trap your time and actions into one
that defeats you.

Friday is another day to watch the links and surfing needs
of your top 10 Traffic Exchanges. Let the rotators handle
the excess, you need to be on top of your top 10 ALL the time.

This is how list building takes on an important role in your
weekly actions. Those working links and different forms of
advertising bring in hungry subscribers who want what you
have to offer. They ARE your first list and maybe your most
important list in the long run. It really is easier to convert
a signed up prospect to a new program than to continually
search for more.

Well, there you go. A simple checklist system to get your online
actions under some control. No need to give blood daily to get
things done or create income. It is all about strategy and
chunking time for profits.

If you end up a weekend warrior trying to make up for actions
you forgot during the week, then use this checklist to get back
control. Then you can do what I do every weekend, enjoy the
time with friends and family. Now that is when social time
rest and relaxation becomes a real plus.

Your editor …

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