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img pack my reseller rightsDown times are the bane of companies. When it is least expected and when it seems to be unwarranted, it can cause a lot of hard feelings. That is when patience break and people move thinking it won’t happen somewhere else.

We live in troubled times and the net is no different. In point of fact, it seems the net is the wild west of hackers. They have to let you know just how smart they think they are and how easy it is to undermine your latest security checks.

It used to be teens that took the blame. Now country hackers from Russia, China, Malaysia and other world ports vie to head the list of most prominent hackers.

The reasons these hackers bother you or your hosting provider, are as varied as there are programs on the net to invade. Some levels are solely interested in bugging our Governments. Those are the ones that should concern us most.

The hacker players in programs, are a nuisance, costing lost income during downtime periods. Their better side is they teach you and I to be a lot smarter about the very security we use on our own computers.

When you get hacked your provider is shut down until the cause is found. When your email undergoes DDos attacks, your provider is shut down, blocked in fact, until your account is fixed. When your Traffic Exchange or program is infected with malware, your hosting provider is shut down.

We are, in terms of life on the net, our brother’s keeper. During our last surge of unexpected downline server times, we learned a lot about you. What you do and do not do to be safe online. We are here to support you and give you the help you need in order to continue doing business on the net. Once you know and understand your part in the full server service, it would bode all well for you to maintain top security measures in order to keep us all safe.


Strategy- bold vision brand new ideas

September marketing strategies already employed at this time of the year, will help guarantee you have a profitable 2014.

During any 12month period, there is a need to create or update current strategies.

  • Strategy number one works
  • Strategy number one creates xxx dollars
  • Strategy number ones slows down after xxx weeks.


Now is the time to introduce Strategy number two. It will go through the exact same stages as Strategy number one.

Understanding that each strategy has a shelf life whereby income is either produced or, if a list builder, the positive action slows down. Determining this period of inaction, when it begins, becomes the reason to pull it and replace it with the next strategy.

Over a period of 12 months, you can easily create Four new strategies, each with an ultimate value that leads towards accomplishing a particular goal. You should aim for six different strategies.

Once they are done, you can rotate them and bring in fresh responses. Work on updating the existing strategies so that they become evergreen.
There you go, this issue. Security and income – two most necessary actions to produce a successful 2014 year. Are you ready to make it happen? You may not be in a position to save 2014, but you sure can put a dent in it. There is always next year IF you get started now.

For you thinking types, it serves you best to remember, it isn’t what the future holds, is will you be ready for it?


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