Not Found Server Issues and Virtual Ca$h Deal

Where desire meets action viralhost.comKeeping a clean site is what Traffic Exchange Admin is all about. Thus dealing with Not Found, Server Issues, broken links and sites that break the TOS, are all part of the day.

Server Issues

These are the ones you hate to delete BUT doing so saves the advertiser a lot of otherwise wasted credits. You can always enter it back in once the server issues
are cleared up.

Over The Top Redirects

One of the ways many advertisers try to beat the NO rotators TOS entry is to use
rotators with a different name. Programs that offer you a way of having all your
links seen on hundreds of Traffic Exchanges while you just surf one link, comes
to mind. IF they put that link on 21stCenturySurf then your page is toast.

My Sql warnings

Here’s a good one …
Warning: Table ‘./tynyme_shrink/shorturl_shorthits’ is marked as crashed and should
be repaired in /home/tynyme/public_html/_exec/_sql/ez_sql.php on line 204.”

The wrong choice of link shorteners puts you at risk. I can’t imagine clicking on
some of these link shorteners for any reason, least of all is their inability to appear real – professional to the viewer. The one I recommend is ProTrafficFunnel. Not only
do you get a link ‘shortener,’ it is on a dot com domain and builds ad credits for you every time your page is shown. Double duty for simply protecting your URL from hackers or link breaking.

The only link I know that is shorter than PTF link is the link to PTF – see what I mean?

Not by much if you really look at it. But both go to the same place – ProTrafficFunnel.
However, the second link protects the affiliate link.

Heads up Warning:
21stCenturySurf Virtual Cash Deal

Not sure what to spend that “Virtual Ca$h’ on? Try these offers:

100 banner credits $2
100 text links $1

Click on ‘Buy Credits’ link.
Deadline to convert ALL Virtual Cash is July 15th.

NB** Have enough to pay for partial upgrades? Send in a support ticket.
All partial upgrades will need to be manually adjusted.

Day3 21stCenturySurf will join with the following Traffic Exchanges in
MagicalJourney DLB Relaunch Surf Party. Check the rules for prizes:
Aloha Traffic Discovery
Orbital Traffic

Make sure to enter the claim page information in order to qualify for prizes.

Check for supporting Traffic Exchanges or join each day from here:

Have a Fabulous Wednesday! Surf to win – surf with focus – surf to promote!
Do you like a challenge? Try coming first on any of the TEs participating.

Plan for a successful week, then take action to make it happen!

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