OMG Look It Is 2014 Already?

Cogs & lgs happy New YearIt can’t be that bad can it? Are you into making New Year Resolutions? Got your number one list of failures all ready and posted to your friends so you think you will make it happen?

Every year my one and only New Year Resolution is NEVER to make one. Why? I like goals better. Goals that fit me as a person, a mother, a wife, and a business owner. Even goals that deepen the spiritual side of my nature. It needs nourishing too.

Goals require that terrible word change. Believe me, it is
much easier to create a goal and CHANGE an attitude or habit
that held you back last year into one the creates success this

Should HABIT be the word of 2014 for you?

It is for me. Because habits define who you really are. What
your focus is and how determined you can be to create actions
all around your goals that pretty much confirm how successful
you will be in 2014, realizing each goal?

Is there any reader who has not been determined to lose weight,
made outrageous New Year resolutions, totally resolved to lose
that stubborn 10 lbs?

I know people who lost that 10lbs and more then gained it all

The resolve was there. The happening arrived at but the habit
was not changed so it came back with more to frustrate their efforts.

One habit my husband and I worked on in late 2013 was the ph
balance of our food intake. We obviously were high on the acidity
scale because neither of us felt good and indigestion was a foolish
buddy after ever meal. A little change in balancing more to the
alkaline side and whammo! Off with the digestion problems and guess
what? I lost 33 pounds without dieting.

The word was habit, NOT resolve. The word was simple change NOT
demanding resolution, not starvation and no sham diets. Just
good thinking about over all health.

Here it is 2014. Time to create some new goals? Time to think on
some TLC for you? What NEW habit can you create that will help
you realize good health, wealth, and success in each of your
dreams for 2014?

Plan Your good luck!

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