Online Offline On Again Conundrums

The journey that spells success is targeted to win

The client condrums that face both sides are not so separate a deal to consider. How do you let the world know you have arrived?

Offline can use resources such as post cards to send their clientele to a new online site and or blog chock full of value information.

Online, the resources are the same yet varied in choices.
Create a blog or a website, or will you benefit from having both?  In all cases, the point is a need for content that fits the intent and focuses on reaching a specific target market.

Which Resources Are Best?

The money is being made on selling auto-responder
services AND someone to write the messages. Being
new is not a reason to ignore the must have part of any
projected success intent. Bottom line, you need to
automate as much of your daily work as possible. Thus
an auto-responder is a must.

A Blog or a Website?

Why not both? IF you have products to sell, if you have
a specific market for those products then adding a blog
will make a world of difference to reaching your market.

People do business with other people they know, like
and trust. What better way to get known and position
yourself as THE person to do business with then using a
blog to create your persona?

Authority Marketer

The heavy push, a few years back, was you needed to
become an authority in any field if you wanted a
following or a healthy buying customer base.

Truth is, it still would serve you best to become well
placed in a shark market as THE person less apt to rip
people off with hype promises for a start.

Being capable of helping your client base realize their
goals, makes a humungous difference to both your
integrity and authority in any field. It most certainly is
the gateway to your own realized dreams of your

Back to Resources

My list of necessary resources might be slightly
different than other marketers.  I recall quite vividly
how I was held back because I could not afford all these
tools they said I must have.

There was the need to discern one tool from the same
competitive batch. To know which one would give me
the best bang for my buck and sustain actions well into
the future. Talk about mixed up confused and scared!

Thus I continued to strive over my learning journey to
find a company that offered the necessary tools I needed
to build my business all in one place. NO extra charges
for this tool or that tool.

Skill Training

Some people want to learn. They enjoy digging in and
doing what is necessary themselves. Others are scared
to click a link for fear they will ruin something.

Both levels of interest have a lot to learn. There
is a need on the net to be extra cautious with your
web pages. There are things that everyone MUST know
in case of troubled times.

When I first started, that kind of skill training
was hard to find. Everyone had their own agenda.
Mostly it was pay first take your chances they can
help second.

We’ve Got Your Back!

As you can probably tell by now, me and the staff,
are some of those people you will need sometime in
your career.

You don’t need to be confused or afraid of offline or
online conundrums in deciding to get started on your
online journey.

ViralHost company and staff are ready willing and able to
help you connect the dots on choosing a domain name,
a hosting company that provides all your needs  and
all-inclusive tools and training for ONE initial cost
that won’t break the bank.

Have a prosperous weekend.
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