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Where desire meets action viralhost.comNo matter the claim to money and fame, to survive on line, you WILL come to the realization you do need a web site. Learning the power of a website means you control the results from SEO  to increased profits and a serious cut in operating costs.

Read on to find out some basics to get you started on track.

1.Can I build my own web site?

Yes. There are several resources that will permit this.
Joomla is a great open source
content management system

ViralHost provides Sitebuilder with their hosted accounts.
It is another content management system for getting
started. Newbies would find this builder the easy
road to five pages within an hour.

2. SEO is questionable to some but can you guarantee
my site will rank higher?

Simple answer: NO!
Nobody can, if someone tells you that they can
guarantee a number One position in Google, run …
and hide from them … they want your money, and
lots of it!

3. A little research on your own.

Targeting Keywords:

Understand that using these tools may simply
help to identify those keywords important to
your competition.

Why is this important?

Choosing the keywords you want to be known
for can be drowned in the more experienced
user content already indexed. That should
not stop you but it is best to understand
how these keywords are used in competitor
content for best results.

Keyword Resources:

NOTE** in coming months, the Google keyword
search tool will only be available to those
with AdWords accounts.

Google for FREE keywords apps. There are
still 100s of them. Be aware, FREE tools
may limit you to 100 keywords.

Play with this one for a fast education on
keywords and who is using what.

Those tabs across the top work too, and while
with a free trial, you can only get 10-20
results in each tab, the information is still
really useful.

4. How long before you can see results from
your SEO efforts?

That depends on a lot of factors beyond
your control. Search Engines have to crawl
your site first, index it and bring those
results to the Search Engine Results Pages
for your keyword.

It also depends on the competition for the
keyword you target… Sometimes you see results
in a Month, sometimes three, sometimes it can
takes a Year….

One thing is for sure! If you don’t start now,
it will take longer…so, what are you waiting for!!

It’s Monday – make it profitable!
Your Editor …
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2 thoughts on “Open Source Content Management SEO and Sitebuilder

  1. AvatarDale Thomson

    Very well said Fran. If you are serious about building a b usiness online, the only real way to do so it to have some real estate like a website where you can set yourself apart as a leader and someone people will want to follow.

    1. Fran KlasinskiFran Klasinski Post author

      Well said Dale. Too many people try to convince the new person
      a site is not needed. Jump in and learn. Just wisely choose who


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