Patchwork Scripting Destroys Futures

cogs & Logs news Team WorkWE have an issue folks. MoneyLegs is causing server spikes because it is not able to be fixed and the bounce rate from sent messages if causing the kind of grief that signals its death knell.

For a long time we have hoped to convert it to a membership site but the mess of how it was set up resulted in patchwork repairs no one can fix.

There will be some issues with shutting it down and we will need time to come up with some workable solutions. Be patient and let us know your feelings. Be positive. We need good feedback with forward thinking solutions.

IF you are currently using the ML rotators I suggest you take them down. There will be more on what is to become of ML as time progresses.

Summer Extravaganza Contest

The NEW referrals are coming in gangbusters. BUT you are not surfing so that means you are not reading the contest rules. check it out now. Be aware. Be a winner this week.

Spillover in both 10khits4unow and Clickaholics are being presented to runners up. Beats a credit package huh?    Get surfing!

  1.     Promote the specialty pages!
  2.     Check the Contest page
  3.     SEE the Rules
  4.     Be a winner!

Tuesday Downline Connections

Do you send out downline mails to your subscribers? If you are a free member that is hard. You would have to set up their email addies in a special group in your ISP mail box. It still can be done.

Setting up a Mail folder for our mails is wise as well. You can earn FIVE credits per solo mail we send to you. So you do not want to miss the mails from the THREE Traffic Exchanges.

Oh and every mail will give you the click no matter how old BUT you will always see the newest post. So check the archives and get busy catching up. What you learn can make you dollars.

ViralHost Social Community.

It is much more than just a place to post chatter. You have your very first blog in there to post to. If you never thought you could create a blog, then here is the perfect way to learn you do have super information to share with members.

There is a forum and a live chat room. And more. You need to fill out your profile. Normally hotmail addresses are considered throwaway and spam dangerous so if that is what you use then do fill out your profile.

ALL our training is done in the ViralHost Chat Room so you must be a member to get it. The month of July will be working on Solo mails, employing the survey program we just taught in the month of June, and other advertising venue that will put you miles ahead of your competition.

At viralHost we don’t talk business, we show you the steps to a profitable walk. You need to join in and participate if you are looking for success on the net.


We still have new members who lose their log in information or they do not pay attention to the pages they surf and end up banned. Means your pages are not shown and you cannot surf no matter how many credits you have in your account.

Do send in a support ticket telling us you cannot surf, your account is banned. SEE the SUPPORT on the outside menu where you go to log in? Use it! IF you try to surf while
banned the system will dock you 100 credits penalty. IF you continue to enter new memberships, we continue to deny them. ONLY the original banned account can be fixed.

You are only allowed ONE membership please read the TOS. Continue to send in NEW memberships and you will be banned from all our Traffic Exchanges period.

Have a profitable Tuesday! Learn something new, test it for yourself and let us know how you made out.

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One thought on “Patchwork Scripting Destroys Futures

  1. Avatarsharon ticknor

    This saddens me to no end. It was through Moneylegs and the people behind that program that I learned what true networking and working online really meant. For those who lost trust in the online endeavor Moneylegs provided a gateway for picking up the broken pieces and building something of value. There hasn’t been another program like it since that offered an education worth thousands of dollars for only a one time fifty dollars.
    The sooner we can get this site on a new script the better for all.



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