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There is this urge at this time of the year to make major moves away from winter climes. The same goes for lost winter profits from programs that just do not produce.

When you tend to sit and wait for one thing to pan out, you face more than a lost risk of profits, you have to start all over again to replace the lost time, which you will never recover; the profit that was never made and which way you will go to begin again.

For the 95% who just don’t get the picture, this is
business as usual.  Eventually they learn or they drop
out.  Sounds like high school. Someone had the nerve to
expect you to attend and learn some crazy curriculum
that gave you a certificate to college if you paid attention.

Profits Ahead

The end result of taking an action providing a product
or service to a hungry market who cannot do without
what is offered.

The action is repetitive thus can be automated. The
smart marketer does exactly that. BUT they make sure
they control the content of what is going out in such a
way their market  joins, stays with them and learns to
duplicate those same profitable actions.


The product or service is  proven long term and fully
sustainable in itself.  That is a biggy because the  gurus
look for those items and they prepackage them at
exorbitant rates.

The price point and their name is how they position
themselves with a hungry market willing to pay the
price to have the object.

A certain segment of the market will always consider it
wise to have the ‘better’ object because of who offers it
and because they see value in the price beyond the market


If name guru and upcoming business builder offer the
same product or service, that is exactly the same
EXCEPT in the price point, which one would you
purchase from?

Working Two Good Products

The ‘shiny object’ crowd risk all by trying to sell all.
They have no idea of market needs, sustainability of the
product or lack of it; they are busy little bees promoting
it all over the place.

They are more than lucky if their profit margin meets
the 1/2 to 1% sales  peaks. However, the successful
marketer has done their homework.

MLM takes a hard rap for users.

Network Marketing, Multi-Level Marketing, Direct
Selling… they go by various names, but they all describe
the same system… Which we will just call “MLM”.

In real time, this is something worked both off and
online. That creates the problem of questionable
characters taking advantage of new reps  and their
customer base.

The other issue is turnover.

When employees leave a company and have to be
replaced, that’s called turnover. A certain amount of
turnover is unavoidable, but too much can ruin a

Most MLMs are done wrong. they are pitched as a
get-rich-quick scheme. Furthermore, many scams
disguise themselves as MLMs, further confusing the

Studies have shown that in the 30 largest MLMs
OVER 99% of participants actually posted a LOSS!

So where does that leave you?

The answer depends on a lot of variables. Do you have a
good mentor or guide you can rely on to help you sort
through the frantic pace of life on the net?

Do you understand the power of NO and use it when
distractions that sound too good to be true entice you?

When you feel your palms sweating and you are
salivating over the next great offer, can you pull
back and do a wee bit of research on the company, the
owners and their support systems? How about looking
for people who have LEFT the company and finding out

The survivors handbook calls that Due diligence.

Do you already belong to a stable company but you are
not making the fortune you told yourself you could
make? Good companies offer you potential earnings but
they also warn you they cannot guarantee what you will

If you have a work ethic worthy of a champion, you may
soon lead the pack as an income earner. If you are a join
today and leave tomorrow type, full of excuses as to why
this company is a rip off, well you set a pace you will
have to live with.

Learn to research. Learn to listen and talk to people
who are doing what you want to do. Then maybe you can
answer the question – business as usual or profit ahead?

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