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cogs & Logs news Team WorkThere is a lot to cover for one day but each part of it becomes important to your business building platform. It really does not matter if your choice is a diversified affiliate or a serious business builder, you need a steady secure platform to launch from.


They have their place and they have your interest.

Do not use them in 21stCenturySurf. It seems this message
cannot be said enough as those who use them keep right on
trying and I keep right on denying them.

21stCenturySurf members do have a rotator entered in their
menu area BUT that rotator is for placing in outside TEs NOT
for use in 21stCenturySurf.

Gambling to win Traffic Exchanges

I hate to be a prude so that is not the reason to refuse these
sites. What can it be? Ah The Federal Gaming Commission. If
there is no pointing in company disclaimers to approved by
Federal Gaming Commission as not breaking their rules, then
your site will be refused.

The FTC is pointing a sharp finger at owners who allow gambling
sites. Is seems they want to hold us as responsible as you for
allowing them. They are illegal in the books of the FTC. Fines
for failure to comply are rather hefty.

Current Surf Contests:

Tuesday, July 15th – Thursday, July 17th
21stCenturySurf has joined the Unicorn’s Journey Event
with the following traffic exchanges:

Zaney Clicks
Teacup Puppy Traffic –
Arabian Hits
Heavenly Surf
21st Century Surf
Quarterly Surf

The Prizes up for grabs are:
1 x $5 Paid to Paypal
3 x $1 Paid to MJDLB account

You must be a member of Magical Journey dbl to win.
If you are not a member already, feel free to use this link to join:

Script changes

We are in the middle of work on both Clickaholics and on
1okhits4unow to move them over to LFMTE scripts. It is here we
find we can offer you the best surfing opportunities, advertising
methods and finding responsive subscribers. They like to surf
and to join so you need to be preparing your ads and credits to
meet the challenges they represent.

How many Traffic Exchanges do you need to belong to? Not
many, just the right ones. Working with 10khits4unow, with
Clickaholics and of course the rising star 21stCenturySurf
determines three of the best. Now you need to surf and check
deeply into what is really behind the TEs you currently use.

The MORE is YOU!

Are you reading the back office mails, your domain or gmail mails
and staying on top of the businesses you chose to join? The more
you market the less you have to surf. Learn from us. we have been
there done that, and worn out a dozen t-shirts. Save time, money
and frustration. Stay with us. and do your part.

Plan for a successful week. Expect to learn some new phase of
your major need. Then take action to make it happen!

Fran Klasinski-warriorladyYour editor …

Fran Klasinski-warriorlady
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