Setting Up Traffic Exchanges For Conversions

Congratulations to contest winnersIt may be proper to suggest “Preparing” rather than “Setting Up” your Traffic Exchanges for conversions.

First let’s get the mind on the right track with a little equation: Traffic + Conversions = Income.

What is always left out of this equation is the ‘How to’ which normally frustrates most of us. It isn’t nice to take our dollar then leave us hanging like so many offers do.

The Beginning Start Up

You joined. Congratulations! Now what are you planning on doing?
If you are like most, you surf and nag the traffic is not enough here
to bring you conversions.

Lesson One: – joining and surfing is NOT the answer to traffic.

How many TEs[traffic exchanges] do you belong to right now?
How many do you work every week? How many do you have
loaded up in rotators hoping that will bring in the new
subscribers and save you time and allow you to work every
TE you join?

Lesson Two: You don’t surf enough to get them all shown.
Weekly maintenance is a real chore. Broken links get your
whole rotator removed.

All of the above is USING the existing membership to build
YOUR subscribers. Good luck! When you consider the TIME spent,
the cost to join and other incidentals like upgrading – where
are you in the bank account balance?

Start Up With Focus

List building is considered a powerful part of your surfing and
garnering targeted traffic from high-ranking TEs. Does it work?
All the time? Are you still on overload doing all the things they
say needs to be done?

IF 300 targeted members can earn you a Five-figure income every
year, what are you doing to yourself?

When a program screams numbers count at you and those number
are high, it is to keep you prisoner of what you do not

Back to Basics

1. You join. As a sponsor, I say thank you and welcome.

2. You need to connect with your sponsor.IF you find out
after the fact, your sponsors are sell, sell, sell, then
you can run. Don’t miss out the value of that diamond
sponsor out of fear. Connect, share and grow!

3. Educate yourself on how to use URLs, Banners and Text
ads to increase conversion ratios. With significant
experimenting and testing, you can raise conversion rates
by as much as 300%.

4. Advertising and promoting: That is the way to go from
user to publisher to respect from other marketers. It means
you like the TE and you promote it because you know it can
work IF your new subscriber follows your lead.

5. Upgrade. NOT to make the owners rich but to enrich you
in the eyes of prospects. It allows you that weekly contact
via down line mailers. It provides a prospect with a view
of you that says you know your stuff. That you believe in
the program enough to upgrade.

Most joiners are new, with stars in their eyes. They are
looking for honest sponsors willing to help them learn how
to use the program. Be that sponsor.

6. Attend conferences to learn the tips and tricks that
make you a leader amongst thousands. Every member is your
competition. You need to set yourself above the every day

7. Use the company splash and lead capture pages. These
are the doorway to new prospects respecting the TEs you

8. Reaching for monetized TEs: you need a website for
project work with at least a sequential auto-responder in
order to automate so much of the daily repeat duties.
Time is money so an investment in a hosting account that
allows you to monetize for profit, will pay handsomely
for itself over and over again.

The loss here to new and not so new people, is paying for
an auto-responder by itself, thinking there is no need for
a website. That is really short thinking!

Having a Professional blog is the start in getting you out
there on the net. Who are you? Why should prospects do
business with you? A blog on a hosted web site will do
this and more.

Wouldn’t you trust a professional looking sponsor with
pages that come off their domain, over who is that splash
page sponsor with no personalization? If nothing to offer
but a face, are you in good hands?

9. Expand your advertising. Use solo ads, start pages,a
variety of banners,text ads, blog articles, and a ton of
other ways, found in your back office, to set you apart,
get known and pull in the conversions.

10 Monetize for Profits – it cannot be done with any
success unless all of the above are set up. Anything
less would be like standing on the corner with your hand
out bothering passers by for handouts.

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