Step ONE to Creating 10khits4unow Income

Where desire meets action viralhost.comYou joined. Good for you. You have URLs being promoted and you have added a banner and a text ad for each one yes? Time to play catch up?



Responsive Action

FREE does not cut for progressive action. Why? It is a simple door opener to getting familiar with 10khits4unow. Being able to check out the TOOLS page and see if ALL 11 different ways of advertising are open to you. To see how you qualify in working the contests, as well as how to best promote them as well.  You read the TOS – Agreement and the earnings disclaimer so you know your rights and limitations.

Time to make a decision. Time to UPGRADE.

The trick here is no trick at all. Do you want prospects to take you seriously? That your ads and your experience in how you position yourself on the net, via your actions, requires their respect?

Getting to know you, like you and trust you can begin with very simple first steps like being upgraded. It shows them that your opinion of 10khits4unow is top grade and you are proud of your membership in it.

Money Money Money

Upgrading is no risk. It is a good business decision. One that you can recuperate quickly if you think logically.

ANY moneys spend on or in a business are tax deductible to one degree or another. That is the overall perk. So keep good records.

The cost of your membership is STEP ONE in creating income.   How? Your first structure will be to get it back through your promotions of 10khits4unow and bringing in qualified subscribers willing to follow your lead.

Learning to figure costs – money out vs. profits – income in, is your first lesson in business building. Whether you want to remain an affiliate or become an income earner, there will be costs and it will mean as long as money is involved, you are in business.

With all the changes going on regarding Government and the Internet, the tax man is going to be checking you out sooner than later. Thus you want to minimize your risk of paying income tax where you can cut the assessments vs. being declared a hobby because you were afraid of taking logical steps.

Step ONE in creating income in 10khits4unow is two fold.

  • Join and upgrade
  • promote to bring in new leads
  • Get them upgraded to cover your costs
  • Teach them to duplicate your actions

Step Two is equally as logical and will be covered in one of the next issues. Good luck! Talk to your downline make sure they read this Blog post and make your prospects easier to qualify.

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