Support Your Weary Support Staff

The journey that spells success is targeted to winI presume that is a grabber! What can be so wearying about support?

Normally, I would ask the same but after two weeks of carrying the load, I gotta tell you, support staff have my vote. If it wasn’t for corporation CEOs sharing the tip of a five to 10 minutes shut down every hour to let the brain regenerate, I think I would have taken one very long recovery nap.

How can you help?

Read the mails we send out . Like the Cogs & Logs News.
It keeps you on top of your business and gives you a cool tip
now and then. Did you know y commission building you receive
credits for clicking on the link in your solo mails?

Gotta read your mail daily to collect on that one.

Where Do I Go To Surf?

The TOOLS page is your guide to getting around each perk.
Log in to each of your programs now and then, read what
you missed the first time where you enter your URLs you
wish to promote. Not only can you approve them in
10khits4unow and Clickaholics, RED notes are explicit
in a couple of areas:

  • ONE Account only
  • Read the TOS re NO sex, gambling etc
  • 21stCenturySurf is a FAMILY site
  • What is Administration VERIFICATION page
  • Banned members send in a support ticket
  • Submit blog, LCP or splash pages only

Now that is another goodie – READ the TOS. Most member
headaches and being unhappy with Support Staff decisions
come from not understanding the TOS – Agreement on the menu.

Shuck the ‘tude dude.

Read several post replies on the question why people lose
it when they run into a problem then send in rotten support
mails. When you goof, we send you reminder mails on what
you can do to fix it. Read them!.

When we goof we are happy to fix it. Just let us know by
sending us a support heads up ticket with a little tlc?

You are the reason each of our Traffic Exchanges exist.
Being a part of them is good for all when the few rules
for success are followed.

1. Join all three – same sponsor can really help
2.Surf them to promote the acceptable URLs
3. Promote our Traffic exchanges for growth.

ViralHost Social Community and Conferences

If you are going to belong then take full advantage of
what is offered. Join the community – no cost – share
your experiences in your personal blog, the forum or
come on into chat on Sundays and Thursdays and seek
the help you may need over and above well-structured
support tickets. Do sign in using your name?

Each of those things are a great way for you to brand
yourself with a lot of great people. Who knows, your
next commission check might be in that gathering.

Sponsor Me Sponsor You

When was the last time you connected with your
sponsor? I bet you could grow a beard on that one huh?
If your sponsor cares enough to send you a series of
emails from welcome to tips or reminders,then what is
stopping you from replying?

Once you become a sponsor and watch the stats, you
will fully understand. Communication brings about
faster success ratios in whatever you are doing,
and it must be a two way street for it to pan out.

And ‘weary support’ say thank you.

There you have it. A few ways you can support
your weary support staff. Each step makes your
experience a power house so if you are lax in
one, you are weakening the foundation of what
you are trying to accomplish.

To paraphrase Robert Kiyosaki, ‘there is a ton
of hidden magic to be found in a mistake. It’s
called learning.’ Now that spells commissions
to me.

Hope this helps you. Let us know how we can
better serve your needs. Together we can make
good things happen.

Have a prosperous Wednesday.
Your editor …

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