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The journey that spells success is targeted to win10khits4unow Blog touched on sponsorship. Leadership, actually. That is something most new people are not taught is paramount to their intended success. Mainly because a lot of long time marketers just do not get the full picture either.

Born leaders are a rare breed. Most of us learn leadership qualities from our associations and grow via our experiences.

Leadership is 24/7 not when you feel like it.  Sponsorship is your training grounds to becoming a successful business builder and leader. So tell me, do you work as hard as you can in your business?  Are you a five-figure earner who understands, ‘slack off and you lose?’

List building is a sponsoring action. Many think throwing up a
blog, or a newsletter or offering some 7-day short form how to
wonder will build your list. It might. Might just overload it with
tire-kickers or lurkers who sign up for anything, but as far as
active subscribers to what you have to offer?

Big List Issues

The main one is how you connect with these new subscribers.
How you got them is the first issue in order to provide the
solutions they are looking for and to convert them to customers
if you do your job the right way.

That should suggest to you that ONE big list must therefore
become several specific lists that point to specific niche-style

The logic of that thought also means you do not write emails
to all your subscribers in the same vein.The problem with that
thought is that most TE downline mailers do NOT provide you with
a way to do that.

GoldenTip #1

Write a blog – consistently – dealing with the issues all of your
subscribers do or will face at one time or the other. Next use TEs
to promote your blog so that your downline, [ and new readers]
will learn what solutions you have to offer them.

Golden Tip #2

DAILY post to your FB timeline, something relative to what you
are trying to accomplish. SEND the kind of traffic to your blog
you are looking for. Retailer/dealer, eCommerce, B2B traffic.
It all will find you but only if you are out there.

Regardless of what you choose to do, remember to keep building
your list. One super way to do that? The weekly 10khits4unow

You cannot beat the ability to earn a 1yr diamond upgrade that
can be given to an active member that means …

  • being connected with subscribers
  • building active downline list
  • understanding how to work a TE
  • training downline to follow your lead

Are you committed to your own success? Some succeed because
they are destined to, but most succeed because they are
determined to.

Don’t forget to post your comments, come on back with your
results. What you share positions you with a very wide world of
Internet prospects.

Your editor …

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