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Why Your WHY? Is So Important

p_133Whether you are a newbie beginning the journey to an online business or you are experienced, this article will touch you because only you know how successful your efforts have been.

The WHY? Did you come on line?

What did you hope to create, succeed at or show yourself you could do? Was it for time freedom? Financial Freedom? That is a big one because it encompasses a lot of territory so break it down to who you are, your needs and wants and the skills you have to help you make it happen.

Most newcomers carry the pipe dream fed to them over the hype pipeline of making $10,000 in three weeks or a month or some equally ridiculous amount of time. So is the idea that this is possible.

Do you really think that making huge sums in ridiculously short periods of time were possible, that we would all be doing it?

Experienced marketers know that the only people who made those sums were the owners of the programs that sold you their bill of goods.  The more of you who jumped on board, the more they made.

The 97% Failure Ratio

Know why they say 97% of newbies who come on line, who join a program will never make a cent? One day you will understand this statement. It is because 97% (and growing) of the programs that hit the net yearly are shams. They sound so good that those who do not have the experience to check them out, jump on board and make the owner all the dollars you wanted to make.

That laughter you hear, is one of them fading into the sunset, taking off to an offshore island where they can sip their favorite drinks and enjoy their ill gotten gains.

Advertorials that suck you in

These are advertisements that are seen on websites that try to look like news articles. Most probably, they are the descendants of the infomercials on television and the advertorial sections in the newspapers. “14-Year-Old retires a millionaire, breaking the Stock Market with Never Before Seen Trick!”

Try them on Facebook. Some idiotic claim like “Obama says (insert a crazy claim about health insurance” If it is a subject that raises the ire of the consumer/viewer, it will attract attention and suck in great numbers believing if it came from Obama, it must be true!

While the experienced laugh at the gullibility of some, the FTC is not laughing.

“In a speech titled Blurred Lines: Advertising or Content, FTC Chairwoman Edith Ramirez said, “Marketers have … moved past the banner ad into advertising that is more seamlessly, and inconspicuously, integrated into digital content. While native advertising may certainly bring some benefits to consumers, it has to be done lawfully. By presenting ads that resemble editorial content, an advertiser risks implying, deceptively, that the information comes from a non-biased source.”

For those of you who do not understand the power of the FTC; it is the nation’s consumer protection agency, collects complaints about companies, business practices, identity theft, and episodes of violence in the media.
Not everything on line is a scam or sham. Good program owners expect to be around for the long haul. It used to be years that made you feel secure but sham marketers from 10 –
15 years ago, are coming back with new partners and claiming long years of secure business dealings.

Bottom line, new or experienced, check places like search engines, the FTC, spam or scam reporting agencies and make sure your why for coming online is secure in having the correct knowledge to make it happen. Be one of the 3%. Be smart and investigate BEFORE you sign on the dotted line and part with your hard earned dollars.

Plan Your good fortune – investigate.

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